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Dildos - All Sizes, Shapes & Colours

Shop for Dildos in Canada 

Dildos are a classic sex toy but they have come a long way in the last several years with manufacturers offering an increasing variety in sizes, shapes, materials, colours, and textures. Naughty North's expert staff have hand-selected our collection of dildos making sure there is something for every body - from Packers, to Strap-ons, non-phallic to ultra-realistic. 

The sheer quantity may seen daunting at first but selecting a dildo just takes a bit of time and research. That's why we at Naughty North go out of our way to include as much information as we possibly can on every product page, along with full colour pictures,  to help you make an informed decision. We explain sizes, materials, features, and even drawbacks in plain and easy to understand language so you can shop with confidence. 

If you want the 'Coles Notes' version of how to buy a dildo, here are some quickie tips for you. 

Want something lifelike with realistic flesh tones? Try our Realistic Dildos

Just starting out or looking for something smaller? Try our Beginner Dildos which have 5 inches of less of insertable length (the amount you put in your body)

Not so keen on lifelike looks? Go for our Non-Phallic and Semi-Realistic Dildos

Want to get experimental or looking for something with 8 inches or more of insertable length? Try our Double Dildos or Large Dildos

Add lube and other goodies!

Dildos serve as good foundations for your sex toy collection but we believe that every dildo should be paired with a fantastic Personal Lubricant. Whether you're playing solo or with a friend, lubricant just makes everything better and can keep the fun going all night. We even have Lube Launchers that help you get the lube where you need it most without fussing and dripping. And please don't forget to pick up some Toy Cleaner for a quick wipe down when the fun is over. 

Get it from Naughty North

At Naughty North we have a trained staff with more than 20 years combined experience in the sex toy industry who hand pick and test our products to make sure you are getting only the best in Canada. Chat with us or drop us an email. We love to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect product for your pleasure. And don't forget, you can enjoy free shipping within Canada, from coast to coast to coast, with any purchase of $69 and over.