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Realistic Vibrators (Vibrating Dildos)

Looking for that realistic feeling but with some added vibration? Look no further than our outstanding selection of real feeling (and looking) vibrators.

Realistic Vibrators or Vibrating Dildos Explained

Realistic vibrators are as close as possible to a realistic penis look but with added vibration. They come in all shapes and sizes with a number of features. 

Some facts about realistic vibrators

  • They are often softer than traditional vibrators because the mechanisms inside are coated with a pliable material to make them look and feel like real flesh.
  • Many are battery operated instead of rechargeable so be sure to double check the product description if you have a preference
  • Their vibrations are not as powerful as a harder vibrator because the soft outer material somewhat diffuses the vibrations of the motor. 
  • They can be great for beginners or anybody who wants something softer internally 
  • Some area harness compatible which makes them great for pegging or anal play with a partner