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    Rabbit Vibrator Buying Guide at Naughty North

    Rabbit Vibrators are probably the most popular style of sex toy on the planet, and no doubt they are the most famous. When Sex and the City featured the Rabbit Pearl by Vibratex back in 1998 their sales skyrocketed, and sex toy buyers have never looked back.

    With thousands of shapes and styles available and prices ranging from $20 to well over $200, buying a rabbit vibrator has become a confusing endeavor for many folks, which is why we have put together this handy Rabbit Vibrator Buying Guide to take away some of the mystery and confusion.


    A rabbit vibrator is a style of two-armed sex toy that is meant to stimulate the clitoris at the same time it is being inserted into the vagina. They became known as “Rabbits” way back when they debuted in 1983 in Japan when sex toys were still prohibited, and manufacturers would use cute bunny and other animal shapes to squeak by the obscenity laws.


    Dual Stimulator is just a fancy, and probably more accurate, name for a Rabbit. As manufacturers moved away from the cute bunny look to more streamlined shapes, they started calling their vibrators Dual Stimulators to better represent what they do: stimulate two parts of the genitals at once.


    These days, rabbit can do a whole lot of things, from rotating to thrusting. Let’s go over some basic functions and you can see what may appeal to you as you search for the perfect rabbit.

    • VIBRATE: Of course, rabbit vibrators vibrate but you may also see terms like “pulsation,” or “escalation” in a product description. This refers to the patterns that the vibrating motor can make. Escalation means that you get levels of increased power and intensity with the press of a button. Pulsation means the motor can make on/off type patterns meant to tease you and increase excitement. Many rabbits can do both or combinations of the two.
    • ROTATE: Many (but not all) rabbit vibrators have rows of rotating beads in the arm that inserts into the vagina, which are meant to tease and stimulate as they go in and out. This is often accompanied by a rotation of the entire vaginal arm, so it sweeps around the vaginal canal. In some models, you can see the beads through the rabbit’s clear material, in others they are hidden under the surface, but you can feel them.
    • WAVE: Some styles like the Lelo Ina Wave don’t have rotating beads at all but instead the vaginal arm “waves” up and down, like a beckoning finger, so it can nudge the g-spot.
    • THRUST: Through hydraulics in the vaginal arm, some rabbits can now thrust in and out without the user having to move them. The Jack Rabbit Thrusting Rabbit is a great example of this function.
    • SUCK: Clitoral air suction toys have become huge because they deliver intense, clitoral stimulation and amazing orgasms without direct contact. This lent a whole new dimension to the clitoral arms of rabbit vibrators which had traditionally always provided only vibration, which resulted in toys like Womanizer Duo which looks nothing like a traditional rabbit but still does amazing double stimulation duty.
    • HEAT: One of the drawbacks of any vibrator is that it can be chilly when you first take it out of your drawer, so why not add a heating function? A heating rabbit generally takes several minutes to warm up to a nice body temperature after you turn it on, so you will have to wait but it is worth it if you don’t like a chilly toy.

    Now that you know what a rabbit or dual stimulator can do, you can think about which of these functions appeals to you. Vibration and rotation are some of the more basic rabbit functions so you can still find rabbits at a lower price that do both these things. The more bells and whistles you add, the higher the price will go on most rabbits.


    You should always consider what material a sex toy is made from before making a purchase and rabbits are no different. Let’s look at the typical rabbit materials and the benefits and drawbacks of each:

    SILICONE: This is always the material of choice because it is non-porous, easy to clean, and won’t harbour harmful bacteria. This is especially important for rabbits because they have so many nooks and crannies where bacterial can grow. The only drawback of silicone on any sex toy is that you should not use a silicone lubricant as it can break down the toy’s material.

    TPR/TPE: Thermoplastic Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomer are still popular materials for rabbits because they are soft and squishy and colourful. They also can be made see-through, which is a common feature in rabbits with rotating beads in the arm, allowing you to see the action. The biggest drawback of these materials is that they are porous, which means bacteria can grow in the pores, so they are not as hygienic.

    PVC: Like TPR and TPE, PVC can be colourful and soft, and it is also a porous material often found in lower priced toys. It also can get tacky over time and can break down, which is why we at Naughty North don’t tend to carry vibrators with this material.


    WATERPROOF: If you like the idea of using your rabbit in a bath or shower, make sure you check to see that it is waterproof. If it only says splash proof, then that means it can take enough getting wet so you can wash it, but don’t submerge it.

    RECHARGEABLE: It used to be that rechargeable toys were expensive, and battery operated were more affordable but there are now many affordable rechargeable options out there. If you want to ditch the batteries, these are a great option.

    SIZE: While most rabbit vibrators have an insertable arm that is less than 5 inches in length, you will want to double check to make sure the insertable measurements are ones you are comfortable with. Alternatively, there are many tiny or “mini” rabbits and dual stimulators out there so check the vibrators measurements to avoid disappointment

    G-Spot Shape: If you are a fan of g-spot stimulation, there are plenty of rabbits out there with a great g-spot curve on the insertable arm that will work better than straight arm. The California Dreaming Santa Monica Starlet has not only a g-spot curve but a thumper on the end that will repeatedly nudge your g-spot.


    By definition, a rabbit or dual stimulator is going to be stimulating you in two spots – the vaginal canal and the clitoris, so we should say a few words about the all-important clitoral stimulator. Since many women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, this is going to be an important part of the rabbit experience. Here are some questions to consider:


    If you need a firmer touch to your clitoris for orgasm, look for a clitoral arm that has its own independent power source. You’re looking for terms like “dual motor” or “dual bullet.” If a vibrator’s description doesn’t specify, then the clitoral arm may be powered by the vibrations that are running through the entire rabbit from the shaft. That’s great if you love a lighter touch that won’t overwhelm you but won’t be enough to satisfy those who need more.


    Again, if you like a firm touch, steer clear of clitoral arms that end in tiny points or ears. These can be more ticklish than stimulating for some. Look for a broader, solid shape that will touch more surface area when it meets your body.


    Rabbit vibrators have a huge price range. We recommend starting with something between $40 - $60 to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Rabbits and dual stimulators are not a one size fits all kind of sex toy and sometimes you will need to experiment a bit to find the perfect one for your body. After all, no matter how much knowledge we can try to give you, we believe there is not one perfect recommendation that will suit everyone. Only you know what works for your body, so feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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