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G-Spot and Insertable Vibrators

Whether you’re a g-spot pro or a first-time seeker, Naughty North staff have hand-picked some fantastic vibrators to help you hit that sweet spot

Find the perfect vibrator to reach your g-spot

Whether you are a g-spot believer or still have your doubts, many folks do have a strong erogenous zone at the front wall of the vagina. Stimulating this spot can lead to toe curling orgasms... especially if you combine it with clitoral stimulation. G-spot vibrators have a curved or engorged tip to ensure that the vibe hits the perfect area every time. 

Which one's right for you?

We have a number of g-spot vibrators, and the selection can become a bit overwhelming at times.

If you are just starting out, a less expensive, plastic vibrator may be just what you need. These are often battery operated but ABS plastic is completely non-porous and body safe, plus it transmits vibrations wonderfully. Look for a long, slim stem and a bulbous tip with which to start your exploring. 

If you want a rechargeable silicone vibrator for your g-spot exploration, we have plenty of those as well. Keep in mind that g-spot vibrators are curved and often not extremely long, since the area you are seeking is less than 2 inches inside the vagina. Vibrators are also firm, which is a texture that works for many folks stimulating the g-spot. 

If you think you want something softer, you can always try a dildo with a more bulbous tip. These have the advantage of being flexible enough to still bend towards the area you are trying to stimulate but have a more spongy tip for a softer touch. 

Shop with confidence!

The team at NaughtNorth is here for you for every step of your vibrator purchasing journey and we have years of experience behind our advice! If you have any questions just shoot us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP. Don't worry about shipping, all orders over $69 get shipped free. We make sure the customers always comes first.