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Whichever your lustful cravings yearn for, Doc Johnson surely has it and so much more. It’s safe to say that Doc Johnson has been one of the most noteworthy and stalwart pioneers in the sex toy industry. Established back in 1976, Doc Johnson has provided millions of people from around the world their go-to toys and other related accessories for a good four decades already. Name your sex toy of choice and it’s guaranteed that Doc Johnson can give it to you, alongside many other variations and options to choose from.

Even with several companies that have tried and are constantly trying to replicate Doc Johnson’s success, there has never been any other that has come close to doing so. The secret? Their dedication to giving nothing but the very best quality there is, even with changing times and trends over the years.

Homegrown Innovation

Doc Johnson is a proud homegrown company from the US. They strictly adhere to American manufacturing, ensuring that the design, development, crafting and production are of the highest quality there is. This is one of their key selling points ever since they began and it has proven to be a success to follow through with their company standards.

With four decades of continuous innovation, Doc Johnson has managed to create original designs and advanced systems that can only be found in their line of sex toys and accessories. They already have patented creations that were made in the name of producing and giving the very best experience to its users. Examples of these patents include UltraSKYN™, TRUSKYN™, and R5®. Although these three vary in specifications and details, all of them do provide a human-like and realistic feel to the user. This is as close as it gets to life-like imitation, an experience that Doc Johnson promises to deliver with its products.

Even with 40 years in the industry, you can certainly look forward to another 40 more to come for Doc Johnson. So long as there are people to please, Doc Johnson will be there delivering on the pleasure.

Widest Range of Them All

Vibrators, dildos, masturbators, lubricants, fetish accessories, bondage--these are just some of the sex toys and accessories that you can get from Doc Johnson. They’re home to (literally) hundreds of pleasure enhancements that cater to just about any need, desire, or fetish that you may have.

But despite having a very wide range and a variety of toys, Doc Johnson still puts an emphasis on ensuring its quality and effectiveness all the way through. With this, you’re guaranteed to get nothing but the very best of what this known market leader has to offer.


No need to look any further for some of the most noteworthy Doc Johnson products out there because we have them right here at NaughtyNorth! Surely, there’s so much more that Doc Johnson can offer but we’ve handpicked some of our favorites to make it easy for you to choose.

  • Butt Plug -- Who doesn’t love a good old trusty butt plug? This Doc Johnson Butt Plug is perfect for beginners and experienced anal players alike. Made from smooth yet flexible PVC jelly, this plug moves with you as you go, making it a comfortable company for when you need that special stimulation from behind. It’s one of those classic toys that you can always count on for maximum pleasure despite its simplicity.
  • Optimale Thick 3-Piece Cock Ring Set -- Pleasure comes in threes for men with the Optimale Thick 3-Piece Cock Ring Set. These cock rings, which come in different sizes and made from velvety smooth silicone, help intensifying sensations, prolonging erection, and delaying ejaculation. Talk about savoring the moment, right? Wear it how you want--one or all at once on your shaft and testicles--and you’re in for long and pleasurable night ahead.
  • Mood Sultry G-Spot Vibrator -- Doc Johnson is home to all sorts of vibrators but this Mood Sultry G-Spot Vibrator is a classic favorite thanks to its simple and on-point design and functionality. Simply press the LED button at the base and you’re all set in stimulating and hitting that hidden sweet spot of yours.

Doc Johnson Tips & Tricks

Know your Doc Johnson before toy getting one. Familiarize yourself with these simple tips and tricks in order to get the most out of Doc Johnson toys and accessories.

  • Proper Clean Up -- Given the variety of Doc Johnson products, cleaning and maintenance also come in different ways. You can simply use mild soap and lukewarm water for non-vibrating products. If you’re dealing with Platinum Silicone or non-vibrating glass products, you can clean them with boiling water or the dishwasher (top-rack) for a more thorough clean. Do take note that sensitive products also require sensitive care--for example, it’s highly recommended to use UltraSKYN™ Refresh Powder for UltraSKYN™ products, and so on. In order to be sure that you’re doing the right thing, check the material of your toy and its other specifications so as to identify the proper method of cleaning and maintaining it.
  • Proper Storage -- In order to maintain the quality of your Doc Johnson toys, better store them in a cool, dry place. Also, make sure to separate them from each other in storage to avoid its deterioration from prolonged direct contact with other types of materials. Remember that proper cleaning and storage go hand in hand in upholding the quality and prolonging the life of your toys.

Need More Help?

Still jonesing for more info about Doc Johnson products? Just shoot us a message about your concern and let us help you in sorting it all out. Our team here at Naughty North would be glad to be of service to you, so don’t hesitate on contacting us so we can get you your Doc Johnson toys and accessories as soon as possible!