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Anal Play Kits

Anal play kits make exploring anal play easier and more pleasurable by including everything you need to start out or to take the next step either solo or with a partner. Our knowledgeable staff have hand-picked the best out there for your pleasure

Colt Anal Trainer Kit




    A guide to anal play kits

    An anal play kit is a fantastic buy if you are interested in anal play and want to explore different sensations. They can often be more affordable than buying each toy separately and can come with bonuses like interchangeable vibrating bullets so you can switch things up. Let's take a look at some different styles of anal play kits you can choose from and who they may be good for. 

    Graduated Butt Plug Sets

    • Usually sets of 2, 3, or more butt plugs of the same overall shape but increasing in size
    • Great for beginners who may have tried finger penetration before and want to try working up to a more challenging size

    Vibrating Butt Plug & Anal Bead Sets

    • Perfect for adventurous beginners or more experienced anal players looking for different sensations
    • Often more affordable than purchasing the individual pieces separately
    • Can come with interchangeable vibrating bullets for multiple uses

    Pegging Harness & Dildo Sets

    • Great for couples taking their anal play to the next level

     Anal Training Kits

    • These are specifically for folks who want to challenge their limits with anal penetration and work up from something quite small to large and thick. 

    All in One Kits

    • Often include bonus items like lubricant, gloves, or educational guides

    Check out our amazing collection of anal play kits. We have butt plugs, prostate massagers, anal training & education sets. Whether you're new to anal play, or a beginner, we have the toys for you.