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Double Ended & Double Penetration Dildos


Sharing is caring when it comes to these unique dildos. Double dildos generally come in two types:

Double penetration dildos: Dildos that are double wide or which have two branches designed for double penetration

Double ended dildos: Typically in a U shape or extremely long with a crown on either end. These can sometimes be tapered on one end or equally wide at either end. They are generally extremely flexible so you can let your imagination run wild. 

Ways to use a double dildo

  • When flying solo, use one end vaginally and one end anally for double penetration fun. 
  • For partner play, see if you can coordinate so each of you receives one end. This can lead to some fun (and sexy) acrobatics. 
  • Use a U shaped dildo to practice deeper penetration. They are great for adding length without the excessive girth a large standard dildo offers
  • Use a double dildo if you have trouble with reach or flexibility. All that extra length makes for a great handle 

Take note that we don’t offer just any kind of double-ended dildos. As with the rest of our product line, we only give you high quality toys that serve up a whole new level of excitement and can withstand the forces of nature--or simply the force you exert while using it.


Dildo rule #1: Don’t forget the Personal Lubricant! Get the best lubrication that can be used for you and your partner as you share the dildo. We have lubes that can be used for both anal and vaginal areas or you could likewise use more specific type of lube as well. It’s totally your choice but make sure to never do without it!


We here at Naughty North aim to deliver on nothing but the best for our customer. Should you have any concerns or questions--or perhaps seek out some toy suggestions--just know that we’re just a message away!