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Packers & Packing Harnesses

Packers (aka Packing Dildos) are ultra realistic, soft and flexible penis replicas that are not meant for penetration. You can wear them under your clothing for gender expression, to create a realistic looking bulge. At Naughty North, we have various sizes and colours of packers so you can find the perfect one for your body. Check out our packing harnesses to hold the packer in place more securely. Fast, discreet shipping within Canada

At Naughty North we believe that you should be able to express your gender and identity freely and without judgement. We have a large selection of packers and harnesses to help you do just that. 

Our packers (or packing dildos) are soft, penis shaped dildos that are not meant for penetration, but instead to fill out your form under your clothing for a realistic bulge. They are extremely realistic looking, soft, and flexible for comfortable long-term wear. 

You can wear a packer in your underwear but for extra security, we recommend a specific packing harness that will allow your packer to stay in place.