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When they say that big things come in small packages, they probably were talking about bullet vibrators. Never underestimate the power of these babies because despite its size, bullet vibrators still pack in a whole lot of buzz, delivering on that quick orgasmic finish you’ve been aiming for.

Bullet vibes are normally typecasted as mostly suitable for solo fun time. However, it can play a big role in teasing and pleasing your partner as well. It’s your go-to toy that you can simply reach out for and operate in a no-fuss, no hassle manner to have a buzzin’ good time.

These bullet vibrators are normally used to bring your clit to a wild frenzy but given its size, it’s so useful in giving that instant electric feel to just about all erogenous zones for both men and women. Just make sure not to get it stuck in certain holes!

Discreet and travel friendly :)

Bullet vibes rank among the bestsellers when it comes to vibrators, especially for beginners. They provide a winning combination of intense yet discreet fun, which eventually opens you up for bigger and bolder experiences. It’s also very travel-friendly and it can easily pass as a makeup tool or gadget of sorts when you accidentally get caught red-handed. Truly a must-have for every secret stash!

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We aim to please and we promise to deliver. Here at NaughtyNorth, you’re guaranteed to get nothing but the very best of quality when it comes to sex toys and other relevant paraphernalia and accessories. Our selection is edited and specially curated to give you the ultimate buzz and high.

Should you need any assistance, feel free to reach out and we’ll get back to you asap! And while you’re here, you may as well make the most out of it by shopping for other toys and avail of our free shipping for orders over $69--trust us, it’s so worth it.

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Love the product however the vibrator was defective. We got in touch with naughty north to have it replaced and were told wed have to send the whole item which is really not hygienic.

We contacted Tantus the manufacturer and they immediately mailed a new vibrator to us no questions asked.

So, great product, love Tantus. Not happy with naughty north and we not purchase from them again

I'm really sorry about your experience! Unfortunately that's how it works with retail. We can't just ship a replacement to anyone who asks for it. If you go through the manufacturer it's dealt with separately and they can send you one right away. I'm glad you figured it out and hope you'll give us another shot in the future :)
First Vibrator - Happy with results

First time with a vibrator and so far, I've been very happy with it.

Great product!

First time trying anything from Tenga and I wanted something reusable. Gave this a try and it feels great! The suction function is easy to use and surprisingly effective. Is also really easy to remove the sleeve and clean. It's something different and I'd recommend giving it a try.

Customer Satisfied

Did the trick, back in business :)

Feels promising

I just got the Pure Wand and used it a couple of times. It takes some getting used to because of its weight and rigid shape. But by the second time I used it, I could tell I was focusing less on the technique and more on the sensation. I find you get the ultimate squirting experience when you combine it with some clitoral stimulation.