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When you think of of luxury sex toys, one name that instantly comes to mind is LELO. The brand LELO is almost synonymous to stylish and sophisticated looking sex toys that truly deliver both on quality and high functionality. And indeed, that has been the case for this beloved brand since its establishment back in 2003.

LELO Knows Luxury

From their humble beginnings, they have massively grown into one of the most widely popular lines of high-end sex toys that those seeking for top notch pleasure and quality swear by. It’s no surprise that they’re considered as one of the pioneers of the sophisticated sex toy movement, attracting a more refined clientele and removing the stigma that all sex toys look vulgar and rather cheap.

A revolutionary sex toy brand, a tough act to follow. LELO simply knows what women and men want and how they want it.

Tried, Tested & Trusted Over The Years

The idea of starting LELO came from 3 designers who were brainstorming at a townhouse in Stockholm back in 2003. Their main question, “What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?” From there, the whole concept of LELO was born and have since then grown into the name that almost every woman with a “secret stash” ought to know.

More than decades since its foundation, LELO has already sold over 16 million products in over 50 markets worldwide. This consists of the most refined, most luxurious and iconic products that are the end products of years of research and innovation--as well as being well aware of the needs, wants, and desires of women and men worldwide.

Endless Curiosity For Sensations

So how does LELO do it? Simple. They search and identify the problem or missing piece and then proceed to create a solution based on the need. They’re driven by this insatiable curiosity in exploring the possibilities of satisfying the need for pleasure with the help of digital technology and contemporary design.

Having a design-led approach, they’re able to master the art of creating and producing pleasure aids that really does its job and so much more. Even upon introducing new designs and functions, LELO has given their customers new sensations that they’ve been lusting for long before they even knew they wanted it in the first place. And with this mastery in the high-end sex toy industry, LELO has come up with two main collections of quality toys for women and men.

Femme & Homme: This collection represents the main foundation on which LELO was built on--accessible yet high-quality toys that are noticeably a few notches higher than your regular toy when it comes to discreet and elegant design and functionality. It features a wide range of mostly bright-colored toys that are made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. These toys also feature intuitive controls and powerful vibrations that LELO is also well known for. Femme & Homme provides the starting point, especially for those who are just getting their feet wet when it comes to exploring and using sex toys.

Insignia & Luxe: Then comes Insignia & Luxe, which embodies the most sophisticated designs and advanced technology there is in the market. The toys within this collection are aimed towards connoisseurs and aficionados who want that extra kick of style, quality, and functionality. It’s quite easy to spot the key differences between this collection and Femme & Homme with just one glance and it’s even more wondrous when felt. Insignia & Luxe provides that upgrade for those who are seriously serious about their pleasure and in enhancing their whole experience.

Today, LELO isn’t just merely a company that creates beautiful and chic looking sex toys and other accessories. What they’re banking on is the entirety of the experience--making it all about no less than your sensations, your enjoyment, your pleasure.

Best-Selling LELO Vibrators

To give you an idea of where to start or what to get from LELO, you can check out these best-selling LELO vibrators that we have here at Naughty North.

LELO Mia 2 Vibrator: Mia 2 is the lipstick-esque vibe that all women just got to have in their bags--or even in their makeup kit. This lovely bullet vibrator, which comes in 3 gorgeous colours, are the perfect way to get that quickie zap of pleasure for when you need it the most. And the best part is how discreet and disguisable it is as well.

LELO Mona 2: The Mona 2 is the vibe that’ll leave you moanin’ for more, especially when it hits your G-spot and gives off its intense vibrations. This G-spot vibrator was designed to reach that sweet hidden spot of yours, providing just the right amount of pressure and electrifying buzz just the way you like it.

LELO Soraya: A more sophisticated approach to the beloved rabbit vibrator, the LELO Soraya Dual Action Vibrator is a godsend for women who intend to hit two birds (erogenous zones, in this case) with one stone (vibrator). There’s no compromising with this one as it comes with a flexible “finger” that stimulates your clit the same time as the bulbous end hits your G-spot. Definitely a winning toy for a win-win situation.

Tips & Tricks

Ready to take on LELO toys? Join the club and get to know these simple guidelines on using these luxurious toys!

Lube Up: LELO offers a wide range of toys that may be used externally and/or internally. For those that you can place inside you or your partner, it’s best to have a lubricant within reach to make the penetration much smoother and safer. There are many silicone-friendly lubricants that we have here at Naughty North but also do take note which ones are the most suitable to use, especially when dealing with either vaginal or anal play.

Clean Up & Proper Care: Given that LELO products are 100% waterproof, cleaning it up is very easy to do. All you need is a sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap mixed with water. You can also opt to use protection over the toy itself to make it more hygienic and to double up on safeguarding your health.

How to & When to Use: LELO sex toys are designed both for solo and partner play. They’re as versatile as they come, so the restrictions are purely based on your own limitations--and the possibilities are as endless as what you’re daring enough to do. Of course, each toy comes with its own set of instructions and specific guidelines to follow when using it. Just be sure to always stay safe and clean before, during, and after each use.

Need More Help?

Still need a helping hand with our LELO products? Feel free to reach out to our team here at Naughty North because it’s our utmost pleasure to be of service to you. Just send us a message and we’ll get right back to you, so we can get you that LELO toy you deserve and need!