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Vibrating Anal Toys (Beads, Plugs, and Prostate)

If you're looking for a little power in your anal sex play, Naughty North has all kinds of vibrating anal sex toys that are going to give you that extra thrill. In this department you will find Vibrating Anal Beads, Vibrating Butt Plugs, Vibrating Prostate Massagers

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    Wallbanger Vibrating Remote Control Anal Beads

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      How to Choose an Anal Vibrator

      Sometimes you want some extra power behind your anal adventures and that's where vibrating anal toys come in to play. At Naughty North we have all kinds of vibrating anal sex toys that are going to give you that extra thrill. In this department you will find Vibrating Anal Beads, Vibrating Butt Plugs, Vibrating Prostate Massagers. Read on and let us walk you through making the best decision for your body and your pleasure. 

      And if you are completely new to anal play, please feel free to check out our informative in-depth article ANAL SEX: A MUST-READ BEGINNER'S GUIDE

      Benefits of Anal Vibrators

      • Vibrators means specifically for anal are going to be safer to use than regular vibrators because they will have a flared or stoppered base that will prevent over-insertion
      • Many (but not all) are smaller in size so they are easier to insert for an anal beginner
      • The extra stimulation can help your sphincter muscles relax for penetration
      • They can be a great lead-up to anal penetration from your partner
      • A wireless remote anal vibrator means your partner can control your pleasure for some teasing and control play
      • Some even have a 'rimming' function for extra thrills
      • They can offer extra stimulation to the prostate and are great if you are seeking that amazing prostate orgasm experience
      • They can be worn anally while your partner penetrates you vaginally and they will be able to feel the vibration too!
      • Anal orgasms! Read on to find out how

      Anal Orgasms 

      Anybody with a vagina may be able to reach orgasm through anal penetration, with anal vibrators making it even more likely. Basically, the vagina and rectum share an internal wall, so anal stimulation can actually carry through to the vagina in a couple of ways.

      The clitoris has long internal legs which reach all the way back to the rectum, meaning that you can actually achieve some clitoral stimulation through anal penetration. 

      In addition, anal penetration can indirectly stimulate the g-spot and the a-spot. The a-spot or anterior fornix is another area located at the back of the the deepest part of the vagina near the cervix. When stimulated through the tissue that separates your vagina from your rectum, both locations can produce intense orgasms and even squirting. 

      How to Choose an Anal Vibrator

      Consider the size

      Anal vibrators are often but not always smaller than traditional vibrators so read the size descriptions carefully and you won't end up with something too big (or too small)

      Shape is important

      • If you have a prostate, you may want something angled specifically to stimulate that sensitive gland.
      • If you are a beginner, opt for something with a very tapered tip that will be easier to insert. 
      • You will need something with a longer or larger base if you want to thrust with your vibrator. This style will be easier to grip
      • A narrow but long base (think upside down T shape) will be more comfortable for long-term wear

      What are its functions?

      • Consider a wireless remote item if you have mobility issues that will make reaching controlling a vibrator more difficult once in place
      • Do you want thrusting? Rimming? Patterns of vibration? Anal vibrators come in a huge array of functions which generally come with a price. We always recommend starting with simple vibrations in a less expensive model and then deciding if you want something more elaborate. 

      Which lubricants can you use with it?

      Anal play means lots and lots of LUBE. You may already have a favourite brand of lubricant so make sure it is compatible with the vibrator's materials. Here are lube rules of thumb:

      Water based lubricant: Can be used with any vibrator material but is not as thick and can dry out quickly so you may need to reapply

      Water/Silicone hybrid or combination lubricant: Safe with vibrators of virtually all materials since they contain only a drop of silicone to make it last longer without drying. We at Naughty North LOVE hybrid lubes for anal play. 

      Anal specific lubricants: Read the label. Most are a water based gel which works great with all vibrator materials. If they contain an oil base, you should avoid them (see below)

      100% Silicone lubricants: These are generally not compatible with silicone vibrators and can deteriorate the materials. Unless the manufacturer description specifically says their vibrator is suitable with silicone lubricants, these should be avoided.  The exceptions are glass or stainless steel and metal toys which are compatible with any lubricant. 

      Oil Based Lubricants: This includes the old stand-by Vaseline, petroleum jelly, and any other oil based lubricants. Oil is not only hard on vibrator materials but it is difficult to wash off your skin after the fun. Again, the exceptions are glass or stainless steel and metal toys which are compatible with any lubricant. 

      ****Important safety tip: Oil based lubricants will also break down latex condoms, causing them to rip open during use. ***