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Anal Beads

Anal beads are a sex toy that consist of a series of small beads attached together that go in your rear and are slowly pulled out. They’re a great beginner’s toy to anal play!


A little goes a long way, especially with our range of anal beads that are specially designed and created for that sweet progression of your pleasure. If you’re in the business of finally opening yourself up for some anal fun, then anal beads would be the perfect toys to set the foundation.

Both first-timers and multiple-timers can have their fair share of fun with our anal bead selection. We offer nothing but the best and safest in the market, so all you ever really need to think about is how soon you can get these to you--and inside you.

Don’t Forget the Lube!

As for any kind of anal play, never ever forget to lube up! ‘Slippery when wet’ is what you want to achieve and we’ve got you covered for your lubrication needs, assuring you of smooth sailing all night long.

Naughty North to the Rescue

Can’t make the right choice? Don’t worry, we’re here ready to ease you into the groove of things. Feel free to send us a message and we’d gladly assist you whichever way we can!

Also remember that we’re offering free shipping for orders over $69, which is roughly equivalent to having an ideal selection of anal toys and lube. Silence those doubts in your head because you know you do want to go all the way anyway.