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Butt Plugs

B Yours Large Anal Plug - Blue

Blush Novelties


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    Plug, play, rinse, repeat. Don’t underestimate the power and impact of this small little charmer because you’re sure to experience a new realm of pleasure as soon as you stick it in and stick with it.

    Our wide range of butt plugs guarantees that you’ll have a grand time testing new waters when it comes to anal play. This is the perfect toy to start with on your journey to seeking out intense sexual satisfaction as you hit that magical erogenous zone of yours.

    Here at NaughtyNorth, we offer nothing but the very best in quality and design. Rest assured that you’re going to have a safe and highly stimulating time using our wide array of butt plugs that come in different materials, sizes, and form. It’s an experience worth coming back to again and again.

    Lather on the lube

    Plug and play the safe way! Don’t forget to throw in a lube there in your cart before you checkout. The Golden rule of anal play is to always have a reliable lube on hand. Simply choose from our wide range of lubes and you’re all set and ready to roll (or bend over).

    Let us assist you!

    Did you know that we’re offering free shipping for orders over $69? Definitely, just the right amount to cover your butt plug, lubrication, and maybe something extra for the road.

    Let our team here at NaughtyNorth assist you for whatever concern or inquiry you may have! Just shoot us a message and we’ll surely get back to you, faster than you can say, “Plug it in.”