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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the little black dress of the vibrator world. They work great on their own for quickie thrills, or pair them with a dildo, slip them in a strap-on, or use them with a partner. The possibilities are endless.

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When they say that big things come in small packages, they were probably talking about bullet vibrators. Never underestimate the power of these babies because despite their petite size, bullet vibrators still pack in a whole lot of buzz, delivering on that quick orgasmic finish you’ve been aiming for.

Bullet vibes are normally typecast as mostly suitable for solo fun time. However, they can play a big role in teasing and pleasing your partner as well. It’s your go-to toy that you can simply reach out for and operate in a no-fuss, no hassle manner to have a buzzin’ good time.

These bullet vibrators are normally used to bring your clit to a wild frenzy but given their size, they are so useful in giving that instant electric feel to just about all erogenous zones for anybody. In fact, bullets are probably the most versatile of all sex toys. Just remember that they are not shaped for anal play so keep them clear of certain holes!

Discreet and travel friendly :)

Bullet vibes rank among the bestsellers when it comes to vibrators, especially for beginners. They provide a winning combination of intense yet discreet fun, which eventually opens you up for bigger and bolder experiences. They are also very travel-friendly and can easily pass as a makeup tool or gadget of sorts when you accidentally get caught by airport security. Truly a must-have for every secret stash!

Rechargeable fun

There was once a time when all bullets operated on tiny watch sized or triple A batteries, but with rechargeable technology becoming so affordable, many manufacturers are now delivering power packed rechargeable bullets that can knock your socks off. This means you can plug in your bullet the same way you would your phone – to any available USB port!  

Power Packed

Improved technology also means sex toy manufacturers can make vibrator motors smaller and more powerful than ever before. Now you can get intensely powerful vibration in bullets that used to be reserved for full sized vibrators. Of course, this kind of technology still has a higher price point so you can expect that a $10 bullet will not hold the same punch as one going for $60 and up.

Hands-Free Fun

If you want the ultimate bullet experience, you can now find them with wireless remote controls. Slip the bullet where you need it and lay back to enjoy the ride with no groping around and losing your grip. And for more budget conscious choices, you can still find old school bullets with wired remotes as well.

The Most Versatile Sex Toy

If you think bullets are a one trick pony suitable only for clitoral stimulation, here are some uses you may not have even thought of:

  • Stimulating the frenulum or perineum (but stay away from the anus)
  • Turn it horizontal to stimulate a broader range of your (or your partner’s) body
  • Nipple Stimulation
  • Stimulating the sensitive skin on the neck and other parts of the body
  • Tucked between couples for penetrative sex
  • Used with a dildo for stimulation the entire genital area
  • Tucked into a strap-on harness to deliver stimulation to the wearer
  • On the temples for headaches

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