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The G-Spot: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

If you have heard of the g-spot but don’t know much about it, you are like the majority of Canadian women. Many of us have vague ideas that it is a spot in our vaginas that is supposed to bring incredibly intense orgasms when stimulated but that’s about as far as our knowledge goes.

We at Naughty North pride ourselves on educating and informing our customers, so let’s take a look at this mysterious pleasure center so you can decide for yourself if g-spot stimulation is right for you.


The truth is that science still has no consensus on the existence of the g-spot. The truth may be that the g-spot exists in some bodies but not others. Another theory is that the g-spot is less one specific spot and more an area of the vagina that can feel pleasurable for some folks when it is stimulated. And, of course, many believe that the g-spot is very much alive and well in all bodies, has a specific location, and responds well to a certain kind of stimulation.


The g-spot is a short-form for the Gräfenberg spot, named for the gynecologist who first made the discovery. It is in an area called the urethral sponge which can be sexually responsive. It is a bundle of nerves located about 1-3 inches into your vagina along the inner wall (out towards your belly button) – about halfway between your vaginal opening and cervix.


Many people say it feels a bit rough, bumpy, or ridged, like the surface of a walnut. Others say pressing on it feels like pressing on the tip of your nose. It should be about 1 inch in diameter and will feel rougher than the rest of your vaginal wall. If you are turned on when you are searching, it may be easier to find, since it can become larger with arousal.


I am going to recommend that your first quest for the g-spot be a solo mission. If you can find it on your own, then you can direct a partner to get in on the action later. It is also very important to already be aroused when you start to explore because this will engorge your g-spot and make it easier to find.

When you’re ready, lay on your back and plant your feet with your knees up. Use two fingers and insert them into your vagina palm up. This will allow you to crook your fingers towards your belly button in a come-hither motion that seems to be quite effective in g-spot searching.

A g-spot vibrator can help because they have the type of bulbous end and curve that will help seek out where you are most sensitive. In addition, vibrators are generally firm, and many people with g-spots find that a firmer type of stimulation is more effective in arousing the g-spot


If you’re having trouble finding the right spot with your fingers, or can’t identify an area that feels different to the touch, don’t get frustrated. The g-spot responds well to firm, steady pressure so you may want to reach for a toy. Some people like vibration, some don’t but maybe start with a g-spot curved vibrator turned off and see where it gets you first before adding vibration.

Many people describe g-spot stimulation as feeling the need to pee and this stops them from going any further. This is because you’re stimulating an area that is part of the urethral sponge. All the better reason to explore alone at first and empty your bladder before starting out. If you are uncomfortable with the feeling, you are going to clench your PC muscles (the ones you clench to stop from peeing) and that is the exact opposite of what you’re looking for. Ride the feeling, and keep applying firm pressure to the spot that feels the best. Put a towel under you if you’re worried and just see what happens.



We cannot stress this enough. G-spot stimulation is NOT for everybody. Some may find the kind of stimulation we describe above incredibly uncomfortable. Some may not have that sensitive spot at all. And, crucially, studies show that up to 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm so odds of you having orgasms from g-spot stimulation alone are pretty slim.

As we mentioned earlier, not everybody responds to g-spot stimulation and not everybody enjoys it, so don’t get frustrated. The g-spot is not the holy grail of sexual pleasure. It is just another potential way to experience sexual pleasure in your body.

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