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All About Wand Vibrators: Are they Really Magical?

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

Wand massagers have been the go-to vibrator for well over 50 years with the invention of the Hitachi Magic Wand (now called just Magic Wand). These powerhouse vibrators were first marketed as personal massagers but it didn't take long for folks to find out how good they felt on parts of their body other than their sore back. 

Wands now come in hundreds of shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for your body. That's where the expert staff at Naughty North come in. We have put together this guide to wand vibrators so you can feel certain that you can make the right choices. 

Let's look at some questions you may want to ask yourself before buying a wand. 

Do you want plug in, rechargeable or battery operated

Wands come in all 3 styles. Plug in wands are the most powerful but you are limited to the length of the cord because they must remain plugged in to be used. Rechargeables come in all sizes and intensities and are a good choice for anybody who does not like the idea of batteries. Battery operated wands are generally smaller and not as powerful. 

Is noise a factor? Do you need something quiet?

There is not way to be discreet about using a Magic Wand and its other powerful cousins. While some are quieter than others, any larger wand is going to most likely be heard through a closed bedroom door. Is this is a factor, you may want to go with a quieter Rabbit or Air Pulsation toy. 

Is your clitoris extremely sensitive?

You may want to choose a smaller wand or even a bullet vibrator instead. If you find that a lot of direct stimulation is uncomfortable for you, we also recommend you use a wand through your clothing or put a sheet in between the wand and your body. 

Does your clitoris need a lot of stimulation to orgasm?

This is where wands do their best work. Many folks who have trouble reaching orgasm with other more traditional vibrators are able to climax with the larger, more powerful traditional wands. 

Do you have trouble holding anything large or heavy?

Some wands can be extremely heavy, and particularly top heavy at that, with the weight centered around the bulbous head. If that is an issue, you may want to try something smaller or go for a rechargeable wand with less power and a smaller motor. 

Would vibrations carrying up through your hand and arm be an issue for you?

Larger, more powerful wands do put out a lot of power and those vibrations can carry through the handle and onto your hand, or even up your arm. We recommend wands that have a silicone handle that helps to diffuse the vibration. 

Do you want something waterproof?

Plug in wands are not waterproof. End of story. Same as you would never use your hair dryer around water, same goes for a plug in wand. Luckily, there are several rechargeable models available now that you an submerge so make sure you read the product descriptions and do your research

Do you want to travel with your wand?

This is another case of weight being an issue. You may want something smaller or rechargeable if you plan on travelling with a wand. Just be sure not to leave your charging cord at home!

Do you want your wand to be multi-purpose?

Several styles of wands come with attachments that cover or slip onto the existing head and add a whole new dimension to your wand. There are attachments that turn your wand head into a g-spot or prostate vibrator and even some that turn it into a rabbit vibrator. The We-Vibe Wand comes with 2 attachments - one that is a penis stroker and another to add texture and sensation. 


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