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Clone a Willy and Clone a Pussy

The original Clone A Willy kit lets you create a homemade dildo out of 100% platinum cure medical grade silicone. This fun, body-safe penis making kit is available in 9 colors! Dildo it yourself with this DIY Dildo clone kit! 

The original Clone-A-Pussy kits allows you to make a non-functional, exact replica of the outer portion of any vulva! The new Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ kit makes a fully functional, DIY homemade sex toy with its included masturbation sleeve! Both are great for bachelorette parties, Valentine's Day, or anytime you want to gaze lovingly at your favorite labia. Your part is fine art!

Clone A Willy and Clone A Pussy kits allow you to make the most personalized sex toys on the planet, and one-of-a-kind mementos. Clone A Willy is the original DIY dildo kit, and Clone A Pussy is the original DIY pocket pussy. They're fun to make, sex-positive, and completely body safe. Clone a Willy are committed to providing customers with only the highest quality American-made materials, surpassing all US and European safety standards. They proudly stand behind every product they sell, ensuring that anyone can create a perfect copy with one of their kits. Empire products will continue to bring people all over the world together to share in the experience of making an exact clone of their favorite body parts.  

Clone a willy illustrated instructions

Clone a Willy's Vision

Clone a Willy's mission is to create unique, affordable, and high-quality products that will not only last over the years, but provide customers with a fun and memorable experience. They support sexual health causes through getting involved with the local community and beyond. Their aim is to inspire body positivity and open up the conversation surrounding sexuality.