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Air Pulsation Clitoral Stimulators: A Beginner's Guide

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

We at Naughty North love our air pulsation toys. These relative newcomers to the sex toy world took the market by storm with their promise of quick, intense, and often multiple orgasms without ever directly touching the clitoris. We recommend them all the time for anybody who likes powerful clitoral stimulation, and especially those who have trouble reaching orgasm through traditional vibrators. But, with so many versions on the market, it can all get confusing so let us break down what an air pulsation toy does and how to shop for the best one for your body.

What’s in a Name?

Air pulsation, Pleasure Air, Sonic Wave, Pressure Wave and Suction are all terms that get thrown around with these types of air stimulators. Why can’t anybody just settle on one name for them? We won’t bore you with the details, but it has to do with patenting and naming rights between the biggest manufacturers of this style of product. Different terms belong to different companies, which can make it confusing for the consumer, but we at Naughty North try to make things easier by putting them all together in one collection so you can browse between brands.


How do they work?

These stimulators work by sending rhythmic pulses of air directly onto the clitoris using an internal motor. They all have a hollow head which is meant to enclose the clitoris, allowing the targeted air to pulse on this sensitive area. The feeling is incredibly intense and is often referred to as ‘touch free’ stimulation because there is no direct touching of the clitoris. The feeling is one that is difficult to describe but we at Naughty North like to say it’s almost like receiving oral pleasure but from a bionic tongue that never slows down and never gets tired!

Are they really touch-free?

You see the term hands-free to touch-free used a lot to describe these products. Here’s what it really means. Yes, the head is hollow, and it sits over the clitoris. However, the clitoris is a wonderfully complex organ and there is much more under the skin than what we see on the outside. So, the sides of the product’s head will often touch the sides of your clitoris and you can feel the pulsations from the stimulators deep down into the clitoral arms that are inside you. This is part of what makes these stimulators so incredibly powerful. By delivering strong enough sensations, you are stimulating the clitoris right down to its very root and through every part, which makes these products so fantastic for multiple, quick, and intense orgasms.

As for the hands-free claim, that is more on the mark. Many air pulsation toys can be set in place and will stay there, particularly if you are laying on your back. In fact, they work best when you don’t move them around at all, once you find that perfect position. Some are even small enough to snug up under the labia so you can keep them on your clitoris during couples’ play.


Air pulsation products are different from a traditional suction toy, although we do have those as well at Naughty North. A pump creates a seal, and you gradually increase the suction by allowing the motor or a hand pump to draw more and more air out of the cup. This helps to engorge the clitoris or labia, drawing blood to the surface and heightening arousal. Suction only works if there is an airtight seal around the area you are pumping so the product will have a release valve or button to break the suction.

 A clitoral suction stimulator creates a seal with the hollow head, but it sends the air to your clitoris with an in and out function that stimulates rather than engorges. It does not create a suction vacuum. Think of it more like the feeling of oral sex. The word ‘suction’ is sometimes used for air pulsation toys, often to avoid any of the above-mentioned patent infringement, but if you read the product’s description, we make sure to clarify exactly what it does.


Air pulsation products don’t necessarily use vibration to bring you to orgasm. Some products offer only air pulsation, which is plenty of stimulation for most folks. However, many products now offer a combination of pulsation and vibration, taking everything to the next level. These products have the same hollow clitoral head and air pulsation, but an added motor causes vibration to travel through the head as well. Many products allow you to operate the vibration separately, which is great for anybody who wants that extra boost of power before climax.

Increasingly more companies are turning air pulsation stimulators into dual stimulation or rabbit styled vibes as well. Instead of that traditional bunny ear style we are used to, they place an air pulsation opening for the clitoris, then a vibrating shaft that is meant for internal stimulation. These types of products are amazing for blended orgasms that encompass the g-spot and clitoris or for anybody who loves that feeling of internal fullness with their clitoral stimulation.


The easiest way to use one of these stimulators for the first time is laying down with easy access to your vulva. We also recommend you get the lay of the land in terms of the toy’s buttons and functions before you get started. These devices are generally quite powerful, and we recommend starting on the very lowest setting.

You will need to spread your labia apart to expose your clitoris and gently enclose the clitoris with the stimulation head. A little bit of lube around the rim of the head can help with the seal once the device is turned on.

Once you have your device in place and press the ‘on’ button, you can lay back and enjoy scrolling through the various levels of intensity. If you turn it on before placing it, that’s okay too but be forewarned that these types of stimulators can be quite noisy when not snug up against the clitoris.


The suction on these clitoral stimulators feels very different from the typical vibrator. First, the tip of your clitoris isn’t touching anything because it is nestled in the hollow cup at the end of the device. Secondly, you are getting very targeted stimulation in just that one very small area, unlike vibrators where the vibrations can carry throughout your pelvis.

Having said that, the tip of your clitoris is like the tip of an iceberg, and by giving such intense stimulation to the head, you are sending stimulation down to the arms which are hidden underneath the surface. Some folks describe it like having a series of mini orgasms as the stimulation to the clitoris reaches deeper and deeper, leading to a final, intense climax.

We have also heard this kind of stimulation described as “orgasming despite yourself.” Essentially, the stimulation is so intense and targeted that your body can reach orgasm before your brain even gets on board with being aroused. For some, that kind of quick release is just what they want, while it can leave others feeling physically satiated but mentally unsatisfied. Of course, all air stimulation devices have levels of intensity, so you can move up and down through the levels, allowing you to become fully aroused and work your way up to a satisfying orgasm.


An air pulsation stimulator can certainly deliver multiple orgasms, but every body is different, so there is never a guarantee. Some manufacturers claim that their brand of “touchless” stimulation means your clitoris won’t get overstimulated from direct contact like it could with a vibrator, so you can orgasm again and again.

While this is true in theory, air pulsation devices are very intense in their own way. For some bodies, it is a feeling of small orgasms leading up to a big finale, for others, they can come again and again. It will depend a lot on your individual sensitivity and whether you feel like you want to continue with more stimulation after your first orgasm.


Any air pulsation toy is going to work with similar technology. Choosing the right one is going to depend on what you want from your toy other than orgasms. Here are some things to consider:

  • What is my budget?
  • Do I want pulsation only or the option for vibration as well?
  • Do I want dual stimulation of the clitoris as well an arm for internal stimulation?
  • Am I planning to travel with my toy? Some models even have lids to keep things discreet and clean while travelling
  • Am I able to reach my vulva easily with a smaller toy or do I need a longer handled toy?
  • Do I want to use it in the bath or shower? Most but not all models are waterproof.
  • How important is it that my toy is extremely silent when in use?
  • Does it come with interchangeable/replaceable/different sized heads?
  • Do I want battery operated or rechargeable?

Want to check out some of these beauties for yourself?


And, of course, if you still can’t decide, feel free to email us at and ask for help from one of our sex toy experts.

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