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Top 10 Couples Sex Toys (You Need To Try)

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

Sex toys are fun--but it’s even more fun and exciting when shared. Gone are the days when sex toys are used just for the pleasure of one. Nowadays, you can pretty much find a sex toy that can match your every desire, especially with your partner!

These couples sex toys are a great way to spice things up in and out of the bedroom. What is sex if not to be enjoyed, right? Don’t knock it ‘til you try it because you might be surprised how your pleasure and senses can be amplified a hundredfold with the use of sex toys.

To serve as your guide, we’ve rounded up the very best and most amazing couple sex toys there are and have lined them up for whichever naughty intentions you may have.

Stimulating/Arousing Gel

First things first, what you and your partner need is a stimulant to get you going. Just think of these as your fuel so you can start the engine and accelerate much faster. Just make sure that you’re using gels or lubricants that have safe ingredients! Here are our top picks:

Magic Wand Massager

Ah, the magic wand massager. Could there be a more classic sex toy or vibrator out there? Sex toy aficionados would easily tell you that the magic wand massager is a must-have in your array of self-pleasure toys. But more than that, it can also be used as a wonderful toy to use and pleasure your partner.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager was first marketed as a body massager, so don't forget to use it for some foreplay as well as for earth shattering orgasms. Run it over your lover's back and neck. After all, the best sex comes when we are relaxed and happy.

Finger Vibrator

It’s like your fingers, but better. Finger vibrators are like a step up from the classic bullet because their design makes it easier to run over your lover's body without slipping. Some, like the Fantasy for Her Waterproof Finger Vibrator take massage and caressing to another level while the California Dreaming Marvelous Tickler (pictured above) gives depth, and sensation to fingering. We don't recommend inserting this for internal anal play though, since it has no safety stopper.

Cock Ring

You cannot simply make a list about sex toys and not include cock rings. We recommend this to a lot of folks as their first wearable couple's toy because you can find something affordable that will please you in a multitude of ways. 

Here are some great ideas for something as simple and affordable as the Stay Hard Bull Ring 

    • Wear it around the penis and balls with the bullet vibrator pointing up to prolong erections and delay ejaculation, while also stimulating your partner's clitoris or perineum
    • Wear it with the bullet vibrator underneath to stimulate your own perineum
    • Put it on a dildo and turn it into a vibrator for great pegging action
    • Take out the bullet and use it to tease and please your partner

Couples Wearable Vibrator

We’ve all heard the saying about hitting two birds with one stone. But this time, it’s all about stimulating both you and your partner’s precious spots using just one vibrator. Couple’s wearable vibrators have been on the rise and for a good reason. These U shaped vibes are made to be worn with one end in the vagina and the other resting against the clitoris (don't worry, they are petite in size). This gives g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously which your partner can also feel through penetration.

The best couple's vibrators are made by Canadian manufacturer We-Vibe, who actually invented the idea that went on to be copied around the world. Their newest version, the We-Vibe Chorus features powerful vibrations and a flexible body that is extremely comfortable to wear. You can control this device through a hand-held wireless remote control or connect to their app through Bluetooth which can also make for some interesting long distance play.

BDSM Toys & Paraphernalia

BDSM is probably the fastest growing category of sex toys thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey so if you, like so many others, are curious, here are our top 5 starter items that any kinky couple should have in their tool kit. 

Strap-On Dildo Kit

If you really want to take it to the next level, why not try some strap-on fun? If you think there is only one style and way to play with a strap-on, you are in for a surprise. There are strap-ons for anal exploration, for double penetration, and even sets that are worn over the penis for an increase in size!

The other strap-on options is something that can be worn over the penis for an increase in size, which is a fantasy that lots of couples share. The Mr. Big Hollow system can be worn by any gender, but you can also take the dildo out of the harness for even more fun options.

Kegel Balls

While kegel balls are associated more with strengthening the pelvic floor and overall sexual wellness, there are some great ways to use them for foreplay as well. Styles like the Lock-n-play Remote Kegel System have a wireless remote control that you can hand over to your lover. Those internal vibrations really get the blood flowing, which increases arousal.

Anal Plug

Anal play has become hugely popular in the last several years and it's nice to see folks branching out and trying something that used to be taboo. The fact is that anal stimulation is incredibly pleasurable and the male body has the added bonus of the prostate gland, which is often equated to the g-spot in a female body. If you want to try something simple, you can start with the Anal Adventures Beaded Butt PlugIt feels great during foreplay if you tease your lover by sliding it in and out but it feels particularly amazing for either of you to wear during penetrative play. 


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