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The Best Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 49.4% of Canadian men over the age of 40 at some point in their lives, so believe us when we tell you that you are not alone.

At Naughty North we are often asked by men and their partners to recommend sex toys to help with issues around performance or erectile dysfunction and we understand how sensitive a topic this can be. Whether your difficulty is with getting an erection, maintaining an erection, or lasting long enough to please your partner, we have some recommendations for you.

Of course, we at Naughty North are not medical professionals. We can recommend some products that may help with your difficulties but please speak with your doctor as well.

Cock Rings

How they work: The purpose of a cock ring is to allow blood into the penis but then to keep it there, allowing for a longer, firmer erection and to delay ejaculation.

Who should use it: Any man can use a cock ring since they are put on a flaccid penis. If your problem is keeping an erection or premature ejaculation, it may be the perfect solution and cock rings have the advantage of being super affordable.

What to look for: A ring set like the Screaming O Ringo 3 Ring Set lets you experiment with what works for you. Try putting one around the base of the penis and one around the base of the testicles. Or encompass your penis and testicles with one ring for a tighter fit.

Many, like the Optimale Vibrating Ring have a small bullet vibrator included which is meant to stimulate the penis as well as their partner’s clitoris. Cock rings should only be worn for 30 minutes at a time and you should never fall asleep wearing one since serious medical issues can arise from trapping blood in the penis for too long. We always advise using a soft stretchy ring so that it can be removed quickly and easily.

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How they work: 
A penis pump is either a battery-operated or hand pumped device placed over the penis. The vacuum suction draws blood into the penis, helping you become erect. You can also use a cock ring after pumping to keep the blood in your penis longer.

Who should use it: Penis pumps are great if you have trouble getting an erection to begin with because you can use them when you are flaccid. The suction not only helps you achieve an erection but can feel extremely pleasurable and can temporarily make your penis feel and look larger.

What to look for: Make sure your pump has a quick release valve so that you can safely and quickly take it off if you experience any discomfort. Go extremely slowly at first and see how you react to the pumping experience.

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How they work
: A hollow strap-on is a hollow dildo in a harness which is worn around the hips and between the legs. Your penis goes inside the hollow dildo, which can accommodate an average sized penis either flaccid, partially erect, or fully erect. These dildos can also be ejaculated in to and washed easily, so you can continue to satisfy your partner even after your own completion.

Who should use it: We recommend hollow strap-on for men who cannot achieve or maintain an erection but who want to have penetrative sex.

What to look for: Because many models encase the penis entirely within the dildo, we recommend a vibrating model like the Body Extensions Be in Charge Set so you both can enjoy some extra stimulation. If you want more realism, we recommend the Everlaster Stud Set which comes in 3 different skin tones.

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Penis Sleeves and Extenders

How they work:  Penis sleeves and extenders are soft, hollow sheaths which fit over the penis, allowing the feel of increased girth and length. Some are meant to cover the entire penis including the tip while some are open ended and designed more to provide girth and texture to the penis.

Who should use it: Not all sleeves are practical for men with erectile dysfunction since they rely on having and maintaining an erection to keep them in place.

What to look for: If a sleeve is something you want to try, look for one that has a harness which fits around the testicles like the Ultimate Stud Extender. This will help it to stay in place whether you are fully erect or not.

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Masturbation Sleeves

How they work: While classic masturbation sleeves like the Fleshlight Pink Lady are familiar to many, they are not designed for erectile dysfunction. The company Hot Octopuss innovated what they call the Guybrator which can be used on a flaccid penis. The focus is on vibration, rather than thrusting or insertion, which means pleasure can be achieved even without the ability to ejaculate.

Who should use it:  There is more variety of masturbation sleeves and devices on the market for the male body than ever before.  From textured silicone tubes with inner ridges to top of the line vibrating pleasure devices, it is just a matter of choosing something that will work for your body.

What to look for: If maintaining an erection or premature ejaculation are an issue, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit will allow you to work on your staying power on your own, without the pressures of having to perform for a partner. If you would like to explore penis vibrators that don’t require an erection, we recommend the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo or the PDX Elite Vibrating Silicone Penis Stimulator as a less powerful but more budget friendly beginner’s option.

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