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Magic Wand Original Wand Vibrator

Say hello satisfying orgasms. The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is waiting to take you for the ride of your life! Free discreet shipping in Canada ;)
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Product Description

Known as the holy grail or Cadillac of vibrators, the Original Magic Wand (Hitachi Magic Wand) is the one vibrator to rule them all and is still the reigning top-selling home massager in the world.

They say nothing beats a classic and this very principle applies to the Original Magic Wand, also formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager. It has brought pleasure to millions of women (and men) for many years and even though there have been thousands of vibrators that have been made since then, this wand still holds the title of being the most powerful of them all. And how could it not?

It’s immense power packed in one formidable-looking vibrator. When it comes to the Original Magic Wand, what you see is definitely not what you get--because what you get ultimately goes beyond what you see.

Vibrations That Rock Your World

Big size, bigger vibrations. The intensity level of the Magic Wand’s vibrations are why it’s so popular and so in demand up to this day. Surprisingly enough, this one only has two levels of vibrations that we fondly call “High” and “Higher.”

The lower level, as it is, is already more powerful than your regular vibrator. It’s incredibly rumbly given its 5,000 vibrations per minute. Just imagine how electrifying that can be once it comes in contact with your clit. And yet, there’s more. The higher level has 6,000 vibrations per minute and is still quite rumbly, although slightly less than the lower level. These vibrations are so powerful that this massager actually needs a cool down period of around 30 minutes after about 25 minutes of use. But needless to say, it would take probably 5 minutes tops to hit that sweet and frenzied orgasm.

Both beginners and longtime users would surely benefit from these vibrations. Although those starting out may want to be properly cautioned of the power that this one holds and make sure that they’re bold and daring enough to take on it.

Size Matters

This one’s reminiscent of the very first pleasure vibrators to ever hit the market. Although it’s very indiscreet in its size and design, the quality it delivers remains unparalleled. It features a 9-inch long handle and on top of that is 1 inch of bendy blue plastic “neck” that connects to the bulbous head of the vibrator. The head is made from vinyl, which is a little bit squishy and soft. The flexible neck allows the head to move and go along with your pleasure. At the end of it all is a 6-foot power cord that connects to an electrical plug.

The great thing about its size, albeit a little bit problematic when it comes to storage, is that you have better traction and hold on it compared to mini vibrators these days. And let’s face it, besides your clitoris, this does work as an overall massager for your whole body as well.

Please note: Hitachi no longer wants to associate the brand name with the Magic Wand, but it is the same product re-branded under Vibratex. You can no longer find Hitachi Magic Wand branded massagers.

How Does It Work?

The Original Magic Wand is very easy to use because the controls speak for itself--nothing more, nothing less. Simply switch on the one line for the lower level of intensity and press on the two lines if you’re yearning for the deeper and more mind blowing option. You do have to keep it plugged in during use but the benefit of that is you won’t have to deal with the batteries suddenly running out. Unlimited buzzing for as long as you can take it!

You’d be surprised to know that while the Magic Wand is a lot noisier than your smaller vibrators, it’s still relatively discreet and does not produce the kind of vibrations that you can hear from outside the door. Simply throw on a blanket during your quality time and you’re good to go.

It also comes highly recommended to use this massager with a partner. It’s one way of giving them the ultimate and most pleasurable kind of torture depending on how you control and use this wand on their erogenous zones.

Do take note that it’s also normal to feel a wee bit of a numbing feel, especially after prolonged use of this wand as you would with any powerful vibrators in the market. That desensitised feeling is only temporary anyway. And another cool thing about the Magic Wand is that only the head part vibrates and not the rest of the handle/shaft, which is the case for most vibrators these days. This means that the focus is entirely on your clit or on whichever part you want to place it. Your hands would not feel the same rumbling and numbing feel even after extended use.


What’s In The Box?

Clean Up & Maintenance

Cleaning can be quite a problem with the Original Magic Wand (Hitachi Magic Wand Massager), mainly because it’s not waterproof since it’s made from porous vinyl and also attached to an electric cord. It needs to be cleaned with caution and not directly exposed to running water, let alone be submerged in it.

The best way to clean it is to use a damp towel (not dripping wet) and wipe off the head and the handle, while it’s unplugged. You can also purchase a silicone attachment that you can easily snap on and off the head and have that the only thing you need to clean up.  

It’s much better to keep your undies on and use this on top of your clothes since you’ll be able to feel its intense vibrations regardless. But either way, make sure that it’s properly kept clean with every use.

Get the Original From NaughtyNorth!

Given its massive popularity, there are tons of fakes and dupes of the Hitachi Magic Wand out there. Make sure that you’re getting the authentic massager and not some poor imitation that comes at a cheaper cost. Remember that it’s cheaper for the very reason that it doesn’t possess the same quality and high-function performance as the original one. And here at NaughtyNorth, we guarantee that you’re getting the real thing with the very best quality of them all.

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Good machine: simple and efficient
Wonderful Massager - Excellent Service
Amazing toy
Very good overall

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