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Top 10 Best Sex Toys for Men

Posted by Rebecca Malone on

best sex toys for men

Since ancient times (okay that’s exaggerating a bit), men have been known to be well content in using just their hands to satisfy themselves. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s high time to move onto the new century and on to modern times, where there’s tons of sex toys to be used and played with for maximum pleasure.  

Don’t know where to start? We’re counting down the top 10 best sex toys for men that you can choose from depending on what tickles your fancy--or what you want to use to tickle your fancy, we should say. There’s no shame in getting a little help with in getting the “job” done, especially if it means sensations and orgasms that are out of this world.

1. Cock Rings

Let’s start small, shall we? Cock rings are a classic when it comes to sex toys for men. And how could it not be? It’s easy to use (read: look ma, no hands!) and can be multi-functional. Without a vibrator, cock rings are known to prolong the erection for longer. Add in a powerful bullet vibe and you’ve got a long-lasting erection plus a more intense orgasm ahead.

Having that small vibrator attached on top of the cock ring also highly benefits your partner as you grind it on her clit. Indeed, whoever said big things come in small packages must’ve been thinking of cock rings.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Doc Johnson Optimale 3-Piece Cock Ring Set and Pipedream Wingman Vibrating Cockring

2. Pocket Vibrators

Women aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a small pocket vibrator on hand. If you want more stimulation as you go on town with yourself, you can use this vibe to give your shaft or the glans of your penis a sensational buzz.

Pocket vibrators are the perfect companion when you’re travelling and you need a little kick to go with your quality alone time. Who doesn’t want a reliable toy you can pull out of your pocket and use whenever and wherever, right? Preferably somewhere with more privacy though!

NaughtyNorth Recommends: JimmyJane Iconic Pocket Rocket Vibrator and LELO Mia 2 Vibrator

3. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs can serve as the first stage of anal play, should you decide to explore those territories--and we highly recommend that you do so, by the way. You can use butt plugs to start loosening up the sphincter of your anus to open you up (literally and figuratively) to another realm of pleasure.

You can start small with these and gradually increase in size as you get the hang of it. This’ll surely make you want to go deeper and bigger once you feel the magic of prostate stimulation.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Jolie Anal Trainer Kit and Njoy Pure Plug

4. Prostate Massagers

Speaking of prostates, prostate massaging--or milking--is highly beneficial not just for sexual satisfaction but for your health as well. What makes prostate massagers a wee bit better than butt plugs is that it’s specially shaped and designed to really hit and stimulate your prostate.

While butt plugs  are meant to be inserted and then have them stay put, prostate massagers are used to slide in and slide out as it puts the right amount of pressure on your prostate gland. Using this regularly can help you achieve an intense ejaculation, as well as provide you with several health benefits such as prevention of prostate illnesses and better prostate function.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Progasm Jr Prostate Massager and Aneros Helix Prostate Massager

5. Textured Wraps

Textured cock wraps may be a head-scratcher to you but it really is pretty much like a condom that you place on your penis, which can provide you with varying textures as you give yourself a handjob.

It’s okay to admit that sometimes, your hand is just not enough. Owe it to self-love and self-care and do yourself a favor by adding a little more ridge, a little more fold, a little more crease into the mix to experience sensations that your hand alone can’t give.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Tenga Egg Disposable Masturbators (6-Pack)

6. Dildos

Ahh yes, another classic in sex toy history. For men who are ready to take it to the next level, dildos are certainly the way to go. Dildos have the right girth and length that would surely stimulate your innermost erogenous zones and take your pleasure to new heights.

You can use dildos for some alone time fun but it’s better enjoyed with a partner to provide the much-needed excitement and spice for a mutually-beneficial arousal and pleasure. Just imagine, as your partner thrusts the dildo in and out, you can likewise give your own penis a treat as you stroke it simultaneously. Talk about an explosive finish!

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Pipedream King Cock Dildo with Balls and Tantus G-Force Dildo

7. Hole Masturbators

Considered as an innovation in the sex toy realm for men, these “insert here” masturbators are the best thing that happened to your penis since your hands. This is perfect for the lazy, for the searching, and for the wanting. Literally all you need to do is gently insert your penis into the hole and slide the masturbator up and down.

What makes these wonderful creations even better (than your hands) is the texture it comes with, as well as the convenience of using a handle instead of tiring out your wrists and forearms. There’s also a ton of other features squeezed in there like extra lubrication, varying textures, just to name a few.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

8. BDSM Paraphernalia

While it’s not as widely spoken about, men also like their fair share of being dominated by their partner. BDSM restraints and other paraphernalia are perfect not just in asserting control over the guy but also providing a generous amount of unabashed teasing to the point that they can’t take it anymore.

In addition to restraints, there’s also pleasure in including a little bit of pain in the mix using a whip or a paddle--for the extreme ones. There’s much to be explored when it comes to BDSM-related activities and men have the same rights as women to be introduced to how it feels like to be on the other side of things--in this case, on the “sub” side. Men who have tried it have become addicted to the feeling, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. In this case, 50 Shades get to be a two-way street and not just one-sided.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Doc Jonson Black Rose Vixen Vines Whip and Pipedream Bed Restraint System

9. Anal Beads

Consider anal beads as your introduction to anal play, alongside butt plugs.  If you’re a little  bit iffy in taking the “hard” ones right away, then you can safely start with anal beads, which are more flexible, thinner, and less threatening.

These beads give off the right pressure to the inner linings of your rectum up until its tip reaches your prostate gland. You can just start slow and start shallow and just slide it in once you’ve adjusted to it. Next thing you know, you’ll be up and ready to upgrade to a prostate massager or even a dildo. Anal beads and butt plugs are your best friends that you’ll  want to come back to and reunite with over and over again, even if you’ve moved on to “bigger” and better things.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Pipedream EZ-Grip Anal Beads and Pipedream First-Time Fun Anal Beads

10. Lubricant

We can’t create a line up of sex toys for men and not have proper lubrication on the list. We all know that men don’t have the ability to produce their own lubrication (in their anus) as women do (in their vagina). Lubrication is a must-have and no-negotiations kind of assistance when it comes to any kind of anal play.

The best kind of lubricant would have to be silicone-based, which can be used on toys and on condoms. Water-based lubricants may be a little too thin and can be easily absorbed by the inner lining of the rectum, while oil-based ones can cause condoms to tear. In any case, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of lubes. Make sure to have a lube on hand and you’ll thank us for it.

NaughtyNorth Recommends: Ride Bodyworx Silicone Lubricant and Sliquid Naturals Sassy Anal Lubricant

At the end of the day, usage of these sex toys highly depends on what floats your boat. No need to pressure yourself to go onto the next level if you’re not ready for it. Whether you’re just starting out or leveling up, there’s a corresponding sex toy that can help you enhance the experience. Just make sure that you’re safe, well lubricated, and clean all the way!

We understand how choosing a sex toy may prove to be quite a daunting task at first. Our team here at NaughtyNorth is here for you, should you need any assistance in knowing more about these toys and what goes well with what. Helping you achieve utmost pleasure is our pleasure! So let us guide you in navigating through uncertain waters through these must-have best sex toys for men.

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