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Tenga Masturbator Tenga EGG Disposable Masturbators, Pop 6 Pack

Tenga EGG Disposable Masturbators, Pop 6 Pack

When is an egg not an egg? When it's a really cool male masturbator that's when! If you are more used to cracking an egg for breakfast these will blow your mind!
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Who knew an innocent looking egg could result in you having and such as eggstraordinary orgasm! This fun take on one of nature's finest achievements is nothing less that a-may-zing. A pack of 6 Tenga eggs offers you half a dozen fresh sessions whenever the urge takes you. The innovative design combined with their user-friendliness gives a whole new meaning to your self loving. 

Each egg contains a different texture to offer a great variety in sensation. Whether you fancy a silky, a stepper, a clicker, a spider, a twister or a wavy you will have a whale of a time with guaranteed satisfaction. They are small enough to take on your travels too, so no more lonely nights in hotel rooms with only your hand for company!

When you crack open the shell you are rewarded with an uber soft sleeve that can stretch to cover your genitalia. This adds a whole new dimension to a normal masturbation, and as each sleeve is disposable you just throw it in the trash when finished. The sleeves are only around 2.5” but stretch to  8”. These eggs will never go off and there's no need to pop them in the fridge either, unless you get pleasure from being cold that is....


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A little expensive but good

They’re pretty small so easy to store and they feel good, the only downside is that they’re like $9 each

Tanga egg variety pack

Feels pretty good especially on my bird. If you turn them inside-out you can also use them as a stylish hat for parties.

Fast Delivery and as advertised

The price was great, delivery prompt and it was well packaged. I love these cock pleasing eggs. I find that I can clean them thoroughly and use them quite a few times before they rupture. They simulate a really good blow job.

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