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Tastes Like Summer: Fun Flavours and Sexy Scents You'll Love

Posted by Tracy Eagle on

Transform your bedroom into your own private oasis with these fun and flirty flavours that will have you feeling like you've taken a trip to the tropics. We have everything you need from warming massage oils, to decadent lubes, oral sex and arousal aids plus sweet smelling skin care products. Naughty North staffers have hand picked some of our best loved in each category to help you turn up the heat between the sheets this summer. 

Massage Oils

Set the mood for romance with our line of luxurious massage oils. The Shunga soy based candles alternate from an ambiance candle to an intimate massage oil as they cool. Drip any one of these luxurious oils onto your lover's body for a sensual and sexy massage. 



Life is better with lube and lots of it, especially when it is also delights the senses. Can you believe these sweet smelling lubes are sugar free and body safe?! Water based, silky smooth and long lasting, these personal moisturizers are sure to turn every intimate encounter into a symphony of sensation. 



Oral Sex Aides

Arouse your senses and tantalize your taste buds with these lickable, kissable and delicious oral sex aides. With just one taste, you'll know why sometimes you simply have to eat dessert first! 

Enhance your overall intimate experience with these stimulating and arousal gels. Turn your partner into a tasty treat as you nibble their naughty bits. These will really get the juices flowing even when playing by yourself. 


Bath and Body Care

After all that fun in the sun, or wherever the mood strikes, be sure to give your skin a little extra TLC. We have a fantastic selection of skin care products from soothing bath salts to satiny soaks and shaving cream you didn't know you needed. 


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