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Best Toys for Anal: What You Can and Can't Putt in Your Butt

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

What is a safe sex toy for your butt? If you're curious about anal play but have never given this question a second's thought, this lesson is for you, dear reader. 

You have probably heard those stories about people who get some truly horrifying things caught in their bums. Statistically, the most commonly abused objects tend to be vegetables - readily available and inexpensive. But, what we don't often talk about is the fact that not all SEX TOYS are made for anal play either and can result in some embarrassing trips to the ER.

So we're going to talk a little bit about what makes a safe sex toy for your butt.

Now here's our little anatomy lesson: the diagram below is your anus. You have two sets of muscles: the sphincter muscles. The outside ones are somewhat voluntarily controlled and can relax a bit if you work them gently with lubricant and a finger or toy.

You have an inside set of muscles though, and those are involuntary. Quite frankly they're the ones that keep you from pooping yourself. They keep everything in there. But the other thing those muscles do is, if you put something in past that ring, it will suck the thing in there. And there's a lot more space in there than you think there is. So what's happening is, if people are putting the wrong things in their bums because they're curious about anal play, those objects can get sucked in there - including whole carrots, cucumbers, and the wrong sex toys. 

Trying to expel something once it's in there can be tricky due to the shape, angle, or how deep its gone. The 'poop it out' method is not always possible and can result in internal tears, which you really want to avoid. This means a trip to the ER.

So what is a curious novice anal explorer to do? You need to make sure you have toys specifically meant for anal play and this means two words: FLARED. BASE. A flared base is going to stop the toy from over-inserting and give you that peace of mind you need to explore. 

Take the below set of Booty Anal Trainers, for example. The slim tip is going to help you insert with the help of some great water based lubricant. Then the middle bulge will give you a nice sensation as it enters you, but the flared base is going to make sure your muscles are clamping around that slender bottom neck, causing the toy to stop there. 

By comparison, the Just the Tip Bullet is going to slide right past both rings of muscle with nothing to slow it down. And don't count on your vice-like grip either. Anal play means lubricant and that means everything gets slippery including your hands and toys. 



The other kind of anal play toys which are fantastic for all levels are ones with finger loops on them like these Satisfyer Anal Beads. These are commonly found on anal beads but you can find them on some plugs as well. Look for a loop that is wider than the last bead. Not only does this give you some extra grip potential but it allows gentle thrusting that you can't do with a smaller beginner plug. 

The other kind of base you want to look for is something built for prostate stimulation. The Aneros Maximus Trident below is built for long-term wear (if that's your thing) and features external arms that are made to stimulate the perineum (taint) of the wearer. These arms are more rigid because they are built for more than just stopping the toy from over-insertion.

Another great base shape for safety and long term wear is a long but slender and curved base like the Anal Adventures Vibra Slim Plug below. The idea is that those long arms run along the crack of your butt and your perineum so it fits comfortably and you can leave it in if that's what you're into. Your muscles will clench on that slim neck and the plug will stop there. 

Dildos are another great option if you really want to experiment with something more lifelike or larger than a butt plug. You need to look again for that flared base when you want a sleek probe like the Boundless 6 Inch Smooth Silicone Dildo on the left. If you're looking for realism, choose a dildo with balls that will act as a stopper like this Colours Dual Density 5 Inch Silicone Dildo. Many dildos without balls also have a flared base for safety as well. What you need to AVOID are sleek dildos with no balls and no flared base. Even this Colours Double Pleasures Double Ended 12 Inch Dildo is not safe and can get lost. The colon has an amazing capacity to stretch and can accommodate very long objects. 



Anal play can feel amazing and it is always fun to experiment with what brings you pleasure but safety should always be #1. You don't need to spend a fortune to find something that will give you the ability to experiment with complete peace of mind. 


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