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Booty Plugs 101: A Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Butt Plug

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

Butt plugs come in so many shapes and sizes, they can certainly seem pretty daunting at first. Not to worry. Whether you're a plug pro or just looking to start exploring some booty fun, Naughty North has what you need. Here are some tips on picking just the right plug for you!

Check and double check the size. A tiny beginner's plug and a gargantuan pro plug can look the same size in product images. Don't let your eyes deceive you and end up with something way too big (or too small!)

Know your materials: Most plugs we offer are silicone but we do have some glass or metal, which is going to be unforgiving on your first time butt. If you are starting out, silicone will have more give and flexibility for you. 

To vibrate or not to vibrate: Not all vibrating plugs are huge and they can be a lot of fun if you're looking for some extra sensation. For the pros out there, we also have some AMAZING vibrating plugs that are big enough for even the most discerning pro. 

Prostate yay or nay? Some anal plugs are labelled 'prostate' toys, stimulators or plugs. Don't let that set you back if you don't have a prostate. Anybody can use these products, but if you DO have a prostate, it opens up another dimension for potential thrill seeking. 

Think about the shape: 

  • Narrow, tapered tips are going to be easier to insert.
  • A plug that is wide in the middle is going to give you a stretch after you start to insert. 
  • A finger ring on the base is ideal for thrusting in and out
  • An extremely narrow neck is great for leaving the plug in for longer periods
  • Bumps or ridges will give you extra stimulation as you put it in and take it out
  • A wide, thin base is more comfortable to leave in longer because it snugs between your cheeks. 

Lather on the lube

The golden rule of anal play is that you can NEVER have enough lubricant. After all, you're dealing with delicate tissues that have no natural lubrication to protect them. At Naughty North we have a great selection of lubricants to help you on your way. Here are some tips for buying the right one for the job:

Water based lubricant: These are fantastic for anal with the only drawback being that they can dry out after time and prolonged play so you have to keep reapplying. They are also thinner, so may be more difficult to get precisely where you need them. 

Silicone & water based hybrids: These are thicker, last longer, and are fantastic for anal play. They are also safe with your sex toys and with condoms. 

Pure silicone lubricant: Another fantastic choice for any anal play and safe with latex condoms. The big BUT here is that they are not always safe with silicone sex toys and can degrade the materials. So, we recommend them for glass and metal, but not for silicone toys unless the product description specifically says otherwise. 

Anal specific lubricants: We have several lubes just for anal play which are generally water based and make thick like a jelly so they go on easily and stay where you put them. 

Safe anal play is our #1 priority

At Naughty North we care about your health and safety. You can visit our ANAL HEALTH department <<click here>> to find condoms, great anal lubes, and antibacterial toy cleaners. 

Let us assist you!

Did you know that we’re offering free shipping for orders over $69? Definitely, just the right amount to cover your butt plug, lubrication, and maybe something extra for the road.

Let our team here at NaughtyNorth assist you for whatever concern or inquiry you may have! Just shoot us a message and we’ll surely get back to you, faster than you can say, “Plug it in.”

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