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The Naughty North Checklist for Orgasmic Anal Sex

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

Anal sex can be an intensely pleasurable experience when you have the right tools for the job. Naughty North has thick, cushioning lubes, anal douches, and everything else you need to make your booty very happy.

If you are looking at trying anal play or expanding your anal repertoire, either alone or with a partner, here are some items you may want to invest in and why exactly we at Naughty North consider them important to your anal health and pleasurable anal play:

A pleasure product designed for anal play

Anal play toys MUST have a flared end or a stopper at the base for safe use. That is why we have hundreds of products designed just for back door play. Your sphincter muscles are powerful and pull in anything that does not have a wider base to stop over-insertion. Nobody wants a trip to the ER for anal play gone wrong

A thick, long-lasting lubricant

Never EVER try anal play without a good lubricant. No, a lubricated condom is not going to be enough. Anal play takes time and patience and for that you need a thicker gel lubricant or something with silicone in it. We have some great recommendations in our Anal Health section.

A good supply of condoms

If you are having penetrative anal sex with a partner, we strongly recommend using a condom. Any lurking bacteria in the rectum can cause creep up your partner's urethra and cause urinary tract infections and nobody wants that. Also, if you want to avoid any potential mess or having potentially unpleasant odours on your sex toys, condoms take care of that as well. And, last but not certainly least, condoms let you go between anal and vaginal or between toys easily and safely. Just switch out the condom between acts and you're good to go. 

An anal douche or enema

We understand that not everybody wants to go through the trouble of douching before anal - the act of cleaning out the lower rectum by inserting warm water. But, if you are finding that anal is becoming increasingly common in your playtime or you are nervous about any mess, there is a large selection of douches from absolute beginner to expert level available at Naughty North. 

A good antibacterial toy cleaner

We recommend using silicone sex toys for anal because they can be disinfected with boiling water or a bleach/water solution. But, if you want to do a quick wipe down before you can do a deep clean, look for antibacterial sex toy cleaners that can eliminate any lingering lube, residue and bacteria in the short-term. 

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