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All About Clitoral and External Vibrators

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

Clitoral and external vibrators are some of the top sellers here at Naughty North and while it may sound like 'clitoral' and 'external' are talking about the same thing, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, lots of people who don't have a clitoris like to use vibrators and lots of folks that do have a clitoris love a vibrator on their nipples, skin, and anywhere else they are particularly sensitive. 

So, what is a clitoral or external vibrator then? Well, it's essentially any vibrator not built to be inserted into the body. It is either too small or has a function like suction or air pulsation that does not work when inserted. It could be something as simple as a bullet vibrator or it can get pretty creative. Let's take a look shall we?


You may be familiar with a bullet vibrator like the Touch Of Velvet Waterproof Bullet pictured above with its rounded shape and tapered tip. This is a classic bullet shape and one that is a fantastic addition to your naughty drawer. But, bullets now come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with some great additional features. 

Take the Gaia Eco Love Powerful Bullet pictured below, for example. It has a little heart shaped finger hold and textured casing that slips on top of a rechargeable bullet. It's great to hang on to if you're going to glide it over the skin, or you're going to use it on the clitoris, the perineum, balls, testicles, nipples, wherever you want. As an added bonus, this particular bullet has a casing made of 100% soft natural rubber responsibly harvested from rubber trees and the vibrator is made of BioFeel™, a plant-based bioplastic that makes this product more eco friendly and sustainable. So it's cute, clever, and environmentally friendly too!


Speaking of innovation let's look at the POM Hand Held Vibrator by Dame (pictured below). This is fantastic because the curved end is flexible and hugs your body. The silicone is soft and squishy and smooth plus it has an extra texture nub on the underside for added stimulation. Pom is rechargeable and waterproof as well. Because it has some squish to it, you can use it comfortably snugged up against the clitoris while you're having penetrative sex with your partner or you can actually tuck it into panties and enjoy it that way.  This is just a fantastic and innovative external toy.

And from the same company, you have the Kip Lipstick Vibrator, which is taking something like that traditional bullet and putting a different spin on it. The base is slightly flared and there is a divot on the triangular tip that can hug your nipples or hug your clitoris. The edged of the tip are flexible can be used for pinpoint vibration where you want it most. Kip is a super quiet vibe that also happens to be completely waterproof and great for the bath or shower


Power is something else you need to consider when choosing a bullet or external vibrator. If you want something you're really going to feel, you could consider the Tango X Bullet Vibrator. Not only is this the most powerful bullet on the market, but it's made of ABS plastic which carries vibration really well and is also completely body safe and non-porous. The silicone tip on the end makes it easier to grip and raises the buttons so you can feel them easily. The lovely classic lipstick shape means you can go pinpoint with it, or you can caress with it. You could also slip this into a strap-on harness and have stimulation for the person who's wearing it. This is a powerhouse of an external vibrator.


And now for something completely different. This Fantasy For Her Silicone Warming Vibrating Fun Tongue is for external use only uses a lapping tongue motion for stimulation. You can use this on the clitoris, the anus, the nipples, or anywhere else you want to simulate a licking feeling. The casing around the tongue slides off, making the tongue seem even longer, which feels amazing for rimming. 


If you really love external stimulation and want to invest in something both powerful and beautiful, try the Le Wand Deux Twin Motor VibratorNot only is it absolutely beautiful, you have two motors - one in each prong - with a deep rumbling sensation that you will feel deep into your body. The double prong effect lets you encase your nipples or clitoris, plus it gives you more coverage for foreplay. Although the Deux is rechargeable, you don't have to worry about a charging cable because the usb connection is built into the handle of the toy. You can plug it into your computer to charge and never have to worry about losing your charging cable.


Now for something completely different: the Volta External Vibrator by Fun Factory.  Don't let the duck billed look fool you, Volta is perfect for somebody who really wants different levels of external stimulation. Fun Factory is a German luxury brand that makes fantastic innovative products. So these are a higher price point, but they have a tremendous amount of power. 

The two petals are made of silky silicone  the tips are ultra flexible so you can get an intense teasing feeling if you just use the tips, but the motor is powerful enough that if you press down you will still feel the intense vibrations to the root of the toy. The large, light up control buttons and gripping finger loop are just the icing on a pretty amazing cake. 

Let's end with a made in Canada favourite here at Naughty North. Zumio X Poweful Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator is a stunningly powerful pinpoint precision elliptical rotation vibrator, which means that it mimics that circular motion that so many of us use on the clitoris to masturbate. Conceived by a mum who wanted something powerful, quick, and quiet, Zumio is all that and then some. 

These last two examples could not be more different from where we started to where we ended up, but they're all clitoral or external stimulators. Sometimes they're called bullets. Sometimes they're external stimulators. Sometimes they're external vibrators, or clitoral vibrators. It all means the same thing. So go and explore your options and don't forget that Naughty North always has a huge selection of external vibrators with discreet, fast Canadian shipping.


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