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To use Tantus is to tantalize and titillate to no end. Established back in 1997, Tantus began creating toys that are meant to bring utter sexual happiness to the masses. With years of intensive research and development under their belt, Tantus was able to thrive and further its success with their signature line of eco-friendly and body-safe products that are ergonomically and anatomically engineered to cater to people’s desires.

Its bold approach to uphold industry standards in terms of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and consumer education make them an iconic sex toy brand that also pioneers in their own special formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.  


Looking for what Tantus toy would be best for you? Here are our top 3 favorites that you can purchase here at Naughty North. We’re narrowing down the options so you won’t have to deal with any further delays in getting your hands on your very own Tantus toy!

  • Ryder Butt Plug -- You gotta start somewhere, right? If you want to start dabbling into anal play territory, better start with this Ryder Butt Plug. This cult-favorite  is made of 100% pure platinum silicone and is specially designed to give just the right amount of fullness and pressure once put inside. It has all the right contours to keep your sweet spot stimulated and make sure that you’re comfortable and pleasured all the way.
  • Feeldoe Double Ended Vibrator -- Say hello to this double ended vibrator that will surely win your heart, as well as your clit and G-spot. You’re bound to receive intense vibrations with the powerful bullet vibrator inside this toy as it goes in and out of you, hitting all the right placed and all the right spots that are bound to drive you to your very limits.  
  • Curve Strap-On Harness Kit
  • -- For those who want to take it to the next level or go beyond the call of duty, Tantus’ Curve Strap-On Harness Kit is a good place to start. This kit includes a velvet harness for the hips where you could position the dildo that comes with a bullet vibrator. If you have to do it and hand over the power to your woman, might as well do it with Tantus.  

  • Hot tips

    It’s important to know the basic do’s and don'ts in using Tantus toys and accessories. Read on to better inform yourself before you start playing with your favourite Tantus toy.
    Clean Up -- All Tantus toys are made of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, which are relatively easy to clean and maintain - just make sure to remove the vibrator first. All you need is an antibacterial soap with warm water or a toy cleaner (sans Triclosan!). If you want a deeper cleansing, you can also boil your toy for 2 minutes max or spray/rinse it with a 10% bleach solution. For toys with grooves and hard to reach crevices, you can go ahead and place them on your dishwasher at the bottom rack with a regular cycle. Just be sure that it doesn’t get mistaken for kitchenware!
    Safety First -- While all Tantus toys are safe to use in any parts of your body, even in your anus, it’s also important to distinguish what’s an anal-safe toy to begin with. An anal-safe toy refers to a toy that has a base wide enough that would prevent the toy from being sucked and stucked inside the butt. If it has a base, you can easily use it on its own and leave it there as you move and find your groove. Otherwise, do exercise proper caution in using toys that don’t have wide bases to avoid unwanted midnight runs to the emergency room.

    Need More Help?

    Not tantalized enough? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. If you have some concerns, questions, or need more information on our line of Tantus products, simply send us a message and our NaughtyNorth team will take care of the rest! Just leave it to us to get you the very best and most suitable Tantus toy in no time.