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LELO Luna Beads Kegel Exerciser Set

Forget 50 Shades! These Lelo Luna beads were bringing pleasure to millions of women long before Christian Gray ever existed in the imagination of E.L James!
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Product Description

While it may seem that way, LELO Luna beads aren’t exactly sex toys per se. So what are they then?

LELO Luna Beads are the bestselling kegel weights in the world. This is a more contemporary take on the traditional Ben Wa balls, which are mostly used for kegel exercises to promote better function of the pelvic floor muscles.

The beauty of these beads is how it goes beyond mere sexual pleasure. Here are some of its known health and sexual benefits for women:

These beads are made from body-safe ABS plastic, which are non-porous and free from pthalates, latex, and other softening agents. They also have a soft, glossy finish, providing more comfort once inserted. Its placed within a silicone harness, which you can also easily apply lubrication on for easier insertion. This harness, in which the beads are placed, are attached to a nylon retrieval leash, which is strong and not prone to breakage.  

Available in both mini and classic sizes, they ensure that every woman has the perfect fit for the ultimate pelvic floor workout. The elegant Lelo update on the Ben Wa balls offers all uses stronger, longer and much more easily achieved orgasms. They also carry health benefits including reducing the risk of incontinence and several other disorders that can affect the pelvic floor. They are also the #1 weight for women wanting to regain their tightness and tone following childbirth.

Indeed, these LELO Luna Beads are as functional and beneficial as they come. Consider these as part of investment in enhancing your potential for multiple and more intense orgasms, as well as securing and improving your feminine health and wellness.

How To Use?

Simply insert them and proceed to go about your business. You may use lubrication at first, just so you can have more ease and comfort during insertion. You can leave it there for as long as you remain comfortable. But in order to create a routine, you can have it inserted for a certain period of time each day just to build on the habit and reap its benefits.

Luna beads are the only exercise system of this kind to give you the option of mixing and matching the weight of the balls. Every set includes 2 x 37g beads for the classic or 2 x 28g for the mini. These can be used independently or within the silicone harness if you are looking for a tailored routine. As a rough guideline, the larger beads are favored by women over 30 and/or those who have given birth. The Mini beads are preferred by those women under 30 and/or those who haven't given birth.

What’s great about LELO is that you can mix and match these Luna beads depending on your preference. Simply switch them and place them onto the silicone harness and use them as part of your routine.

What’s In The Bag?

Clean Up & Maintenance

To clean up your LELO Luna Beads, take the beads out from the holster to ensure that every part is properly washed. Your favorite antibacterial toy cleaner can be used to clean these up before and after every use. If you want a more intensive method of cleaning, you can also boil the beads for no longer than 5 minutes. Any longer than 5 minutes could cause damage to the beads.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
pleasure and health in one

These beads are really 2 products in 1. I have used them both to strengthen my pelvic floor and to enjoy myself. They are very simple to use and give me the combination of health and pleasure. And a lot of fun too. Nice design. I use them with a little lube. My pelvic floor is quite stronger after two months and I have a lot of pleasure in my bedroom. Love the beads.

Classic Favorite!

I've known Lelo's Luna beads to be among the very best, so I decidedly got my own so I can give kegel weights a try. Nothing to complain about this duo that's so easy to use and does fit "in there" just right. It's quite a chore having to clean it out but it's not as tedious, so I'm still a very satisfied customer. These beads really lived up to the hype!


LUNA beads have a seam in the plastic which is large enough to trap small amounts of bodily fluids but small enough so that it cannot adequately be cleaned. I am so disappointed that these are not safe to use. I thought Lelo was a trusted company for product safety but the design of these LUNA beads is horrible because they are not hygienic.

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