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Remote Control and Couples' Vibrators 101

Posted by Carolyn Eagle on

We at Naughty North believe that any pleasure product can be a couples' toy if you use your imagination. Still, couples' and remote control toys have come a very long way in the last decade, with the introduction of Bluetooth app compatibility and wireless remote controls that let you play from across the room of across continents. 

Styles of couples' and remote control vibrators

Simple corded bullets or eggs: These are fantastically affordable and great beginner items. Usually a simple shape with a short cord attached to a turn dial remote that is battery operated. They are better for a single user who controls the remote because the cords aren't usually that long but we leave that up to you. 

Vibrating cock rings: We love these for their simplicity, versatility, affordability, and orgasmic potential. Vibrating rings have a stretchy ring that slides over the penis or your favorite dildo, then a vibrating bulb that is meant to stimulate the partner as well as the wearer. The beauty is that on most models you have control of where the stimulation bulb goes, so you can mix it up depending on your desired position of the anatomy of your partner. 

U shaped wearable vibrators: These were made famous by Canadian company We-Vibe who were the first to think up this fantastic style. Meant for folks with vaginas, the smaller part of the U slips inside while the outer portion snugs against the clitoris. The internal shaft is small enough that your partner can penetrate you with a penis or dildo comfortable but the vibrations are intense and can be felt by both of you. Many styles are now also wireless remote or Bluetooth app compatible for simple usage.

Vibrating panties: These have come a long way in recent years. Yes, you can still get the traditional bullet tucked into a slot on a one size fit most included lacy panty. This style is fun and affordable. BUT you can also now get powerful vibrators that attach to your own undies through a magnetic clip and are controlled through wireless remote or Bluetooth. These area game changers because they brought never-before felt power to this classic toy, but also because they are more comfortable and inclusive when you get to wear your own underthings. 

Anal vibrators: You may not think of these as couples' toys but with the addition of wireless remote controls, you have endless possibilities for naughty couple fun. Just insert and hand the control over to your partner or enjoy complete control when you are playing solo. 


Insertable vaginal vibrators: These are often egg shaped or perhaps take on the shape of a kegel ball and are inserted into the vagina where they can vibrate against the sensitive tissues and the g-spot. The external remote controls mean you can take charge of your own pleasure or hand it over to your partner. Many styles are quiet enough that you can wear them out in public!

Wireless remote control or Bluetooth app?

Sex toy manufacturers love applying new technology to their products in order to make your experience more enjoyable. the latest technology to really take off is Bluetooth app control. 


  • Any style of remote is going to give you a tremendous amount of control over your pleasure or your partner's for teasing or sending them over the edge
  • Remotes are fantastic for folks with mobility issues because you can often set the toy in place, then take control from a more comfortable position
  • Bluetooth app controls took off during covid-19 as couples were forced to stay apart for long periods of time. These devices allowed you to maintain a sexual relationships across continents
  • Some apps, such as the one with Satisfyer products allows you to give control of your item to more than one person, allowing you to experience multiple partners 


  • If you have concerns about your privacy, Bluetooth app control may not be for you. Of course, companies go through rigorous security testing but you should still be aware of the risks. 
  • Wireless remote controls will have limits to their range and often do not work if there is any obstruction between the two users
  • Many remote control or Bluetooth app controlled items can be on the pricier side. 
  • Remotes can get lost, although replacements can usually be purchased from the manufacturers. 

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