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We-Vibe Melt Rechargeable Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator

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Melt is a Pleasure Air™ stimulator designed for couples who want to turn up the heat and reach new heights of pleasure, together. Melt surrounds the clitoris with gentle pulsing waves of air that lead to epic orgasms. Its slim, curved design fits perfectly between you in any position. You or your partner can control the fun with the free We-Connect™ app from anywhere. Let the air take you there


Pleasure Air™ surrounds the clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction, with 12 intensity levels that let you find the perfect sensation.


Melt’s slim, curved shape fits perfectly between you in any position, with zero bulk to get in the way of your good time.


Take Melt to the next level with the We-Connect™ app, for a completely fluid range of intensity levels. Find exactly the right sensation, in the moment.


Melt is 100% waterproof, making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best suction toy I have ever used

We-Vibe Melt has become the go-to toy in my bedside drawer. It is ridiculously quiet once it's in place and the buttons are raised so it's easy to use and control once you get going. I have NEVER had a suction toy deliver a swifter, more intense orgasm and I have tried most of them. It delivers this sensation that you feel deep deep inside you and causes those head to toe tingling orgasms that leave you wiped out. I love it

It’s okay ...

I’ve been using this product for a few months and I’m still not sure if I like it or hate it. I can achieve orgasm quickly (sometimes a little too quickly). But it is very loud and distracting, especially if you try moving it around during sex (it made a slapping sound and had my partner and I giggling and completely ruined the mood). Needless to say I use this alone. If you’re a person who likes to pinpoint specific areas on your clit (something I realized after using this product), then this is not for you.

Cunnilingus in a satin bag?

With this price tag, I was hoping that some of the purported benefits of the Melt (clitoral stimulation, couples play, quiet operation) would be true. Nope. Worst of all is the loud, slapping sound when used with lube or in a bath. Personally, I could live with the volume - we have no kids to "disturb". But the slapping sound is right out of a Three Stooges retro-comedy and makes for more guffaws and hilarity rather than sensual couples play. I've wrapped up the melt, put it away and bought another large package of AA's for my $25 bullet from The Stagshop.

N.B. Why do web reviews of this unit go on and on about the lovely packaging of the Melt? Is it really that arousing? As a package designer myself, I should have realized that this means half of the units retail cost is in the design and production of the box it sits in.

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