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Naughty North Affiliate Program

Do you have your own adult focused website or social channel?

Are you a sexual or pelvic health professional looking for high quality products for your patients?

Are you looking for ways to earn additional money doing what you love?

The Naughty North Affiliate Program might be for you! 

How it Works
  • Sign-up below and once approved, you will receive your own personalized affiliate link which tracks all sales back to you
  • Post the link on your website and social channels
  • Earn 10% commission on each sale made by people who click on your link and purchase from Naughty North

We continue to work hard to bring you the best products available.  We hope the effort our team has put into sourcing these great products will help you earn extra income while already posting about what you love.  

Business Info

Phone: 877-577-7225
PO Box 3007
755 Danforth Ave

Ontario M4J 0A1