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10 Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Positions

Posted by Rebecca Malone on

oral sex positions

Fellatio and cunnilingus may very well be one of the best things you can do for your partner. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Both terms mean going down on your partner - fellatio is a woman giving it to a man and cunnilingus refers to a man going down on a woman.

Oral sex may seem rather easy and inconsequential but it wouldn’t be as impactful if you don’t really hit their spot, so to speak. Good news is that there are a lot of exciting and thrilling positions and methods you can use to make going down on your partner even more pleasurable--regardless if you’re the giver, receiver, or both.

The first step, of course, is being comfortable enough with your own body so you’ll have no qualms opening yourself up to your partner, literally and figuratively. There also has to be trust and a fair amount of familiarity between the two of you so giving directions and being sensitive to their reactions and movements would come easy. Now if you’re ready, let’s dive into our top 10 best oral positions!

  • 1. The Classic Lie Back and Take It

  • They say you can’t go wrong with the classics and this oral sex position is no exception. When you’re in the mood for pleasure but not really into making an effort to be all playful and experimental, you can just let your partner lie back as you tease and lick and suck your way down. This gives the ultimate form of relaxation to your partner as you let them take on a more passive role. As for you? Well, you get to see how they react to your every move simply by looking up.

    2. The Simple Stand Up

    Another classic favorite is the standing up position. Mind you, this is a classic and can likewise be done in other places other than your bedroom if you’re feeling a bit frisky and bold (hint: an empty parking lot, a dark alley, etc). All you need to do is have your partner stand with legs wide apart and you can proceed to kneel down and have your cake and eat it too. It’s recommended to have your partner stand up against a wall to keep them from losing balance!

  • 3. Director’s Chair/The Throne

  • Want to make your partner feel like royalty or the boss? It’s quite simple, really. Just have them sit on a chair, spread their legs, and go downtown on them. For the gents, you may want to hold down the legs of your lady to keep them from moving--and let’s be honest, a little restraint is a major turn on. As for the women, trust your man enough to let them take control from time to time as they guide your head onto their erection.

  • 4. Sideways 69

  • The good ol’ 69 can be overrated at times and for the most part, it’s just plain uncomfortable for both parties. A great alternative to it is the doing 69 but sideways. How you do it is to lie on your sides, facing each other’s crotches, and giving and receiving pleasure at the same time without having to take on the weight of the other. If you want more leeway, simply have your partner lift/bend their legs for more access and reach.

  • 5. Flying High

  • A twist to the classic lie back and take it, you can have your partner flying high by having them lie back but open their legs up and bend it. Another thing is to place a pillow to prop their hips for 100% access to just about every area down there. Hold onto their ankles and get ready to eat up what’s served before you on a silver platter.

  • 6. Bums Up

  • As you do the ‘Flying High,’ you can also just adjust your partner by having them lie face down instead and keeping the pillow to prop their hips--and voila! You now have the Bums Up position. Make sure to have your partner’s legs bent, so it’ll still be easier for you to position yourself behind them and just lick and suck away.

    7. Doggy Style

    The classic oral sex position from which the ‘Bums Up’ was derived from is the tried and tested Doggy Style position. There’s just something so primal about being on all fours and not having any control, or clear vision, of what your partner is doing  behind you or underneath you. It’s about relinquishing control and ending up getting well rewarded in the end. Pretty good deal, if you ask us!

    8. Sit On My Face

    Sex is all about the thrill of just letting go. One of the best ways to go about it (and a favorite among many!) is simply letting your partner sit on your face or vice versa. They’re literally on your face and believe it or not, pleasure can also go both ways in this position as well. The “sitter” can exert control over the movements and pressure as they move their hips over your face. On the other hand, you can still maintain a dominant role by holding onto the hips of your partner and keeping their movements under your control.

  • 9. Reverse Rider

  • Much like the beloved reverse cowboy position, what makes the Reverse Rider different is that instead of sitting on the erection of the guy, the girl is comfortably positioned on his face. It’s pretty much a mix of 69, reverse cowboy and sit on my face--a killer combination that’s sure to entice your partner to get on board faster than you can say, “Giddy up, cowboy!”

  • 10. Upside Down Giraffe

  • Is the term a little too lengthy for you to digest? Don’t worry, what it basically describes is you lying on your back and have your head fall at the edge of the bed. The guy would then be standing, legs apart with your head in between, having full access to their penis. It may sound a little extreme since it could very well translate to deep-throating while in a rather compromising position. But fret not, because you can still assert your control by holding on to the legs or waist of your partner to let them know of the pace and depth you want to go with.

    Back to you

    We may have listed 10 of the best oral sex positions there are but believe us when we say that you can come up with at least another 10 more if you just get a bit more creative, resourceful, and daring.

    Instead of just having your bodies to utilize, you can also add in some toys (hint: restraints, vibes, dildos, and so on) that can enhance the whole experience, thus intensifying your arousal and pleasure all the more. Just go where your imagination and lustful desires will take you and you’re sure to find yourself in oral orgasm heaven in no time!

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