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Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

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Not getting the kick you used to from manual masturbation? The Tenga Flip Hole takes you to new realms of pleasure. And best of all, it does all the work for you!
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The Tenga Flip Hole has revolutionized masturbation and has become a top selling device on a global scale. Soft, enticing and with a multitude of jelly like ripples and bumps to grip your erect penis and bring to the kind of orgasm you never knew was possible when you were on your own!

The supple texture must be experienced to be believed, mere words do not do it justice. The gentle and intricate internal details offer sublime sensation which are further enhanced thanks to the cutting-edge technology used in its production. The control pad easily puts you in control of the stimulation and the great flip style means it's very easy to clean and hygienic.

So how does it work? Very simply. Slide of the casing and flip it open. Put a bit of lube in there, flip it shut and pop the casing back into place. Now all you do is insert your erect penis into the inviting hole at the end. The super soft rubber grips your girth firmly while the 3 touch pads all have a different function to increase your pleasure. The top pad conveys a highly pleasurable sensation to the tip. The middle pad expels excess air to create a vacuum effect and the bottom pad delivers a squeeze around the point of insertion.


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