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Tantus Feeldoe Double Ended Vibrator

The original, hands free double ended dildo! No, this isn't a new and improved version, you can't improve on perfection so why even try?
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Expertly designed to perfectly fit the female form, the Tantus Feeldoe features a sleek and sexy 6” shaft for internal penetration and a bulb that snuggles up against your clitoris for double delight. Twice the pleasure from one vibe, it really doesn't get much better than that.

Hold the bulb end to get it into place then let your muscles do all the work. No fuss, no mess, just tantalizing sensation as you go about your daily routine. The more you use it the tighter and stronger your muscles get, leading to a massive improvement in every area of your sex life. When you think about this, this vibe should really be marketed as a health product!

Easy to clean, you also a powerful, waterproof bullet vibe that  fits snugly into the base of the Feeldoe to add a extra zing to your pleasure. Single speed and powered by 3 batteries, this vibe delivers what is promises every time you use it.


Original (in violet) - Bulb Diameter: 1.5"; Bulb Length: 2.5"'; Dildo Diameter: 1.5"; Dildo Length: 6"

Slim (in blue) -  Bulb Diameter: 1.5"; Bulb Length: 2.5"; Dildo Diameter: 1.25"; Dildo Length: 5.5"

Stout (in black) - Bulb Diameter: 1.5"; Bulb Length: 2.5"; Dildo Diameter: 1.75"; Dildo Length: 5.75"

More (in red) - Bulb Diameter: 1.5"; Bulb Length: 2.5"; Dildo Diameter: 1.625"; Dildo Length: 6.75"


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