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Sliquid Naturals H2O Lubricant - NaughtyNorth

Sliquid Naturals H2O Lubricant

Outstanding natural formula which perfectly replicates your body's own lubricant. You will feel the difference when you use this great lube.
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Naturals H20 is the original formula form Sliquids. Specially formulated so that is emulates the way your body would naturally lubricate itself, plant cellulose is used as the thickening agent. This achieves a much better result that the widely used sugar derivatives such as glycerin. Naturals H2O contains no parabens and is also 100% vegan friendly. There is no scent or flavor, it does not stain and is very easy to clean up. Every lube in the Sliquids range is specially formulate to suit even the most sensitive of women and will never cause UTI's or yeast infections.


Customer Reviews

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Works well

Slickness may not be quite long lasting enough.

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