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Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Silk Rope Hogtie

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Rope your way into a more exciting sexual experience with the help of the Silk Rope Hogtie from Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series. The 'Hogtie' is known as a classic bondage position and this must-have accessory provides you and your partner a much easier and more convenient way of pulling it off with safety and comfort in mind.

Since it's already pre-tied, all you need to do is simply slip them over your partner's wrists and ankles and tug on the rope until you reach that snug fit you and your partner crave. It has that soft and sensual feel, all while intensifying your BDSM adventure with the arousing act of being bound and restrained in a specific position. 

To add to the whole orgasmic experience, the rope also comes with a blindfold mask, adding a bit of sensory deprivation that brings a whole lot of your fantasies to life. 

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