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JO Naturalove USDA Organic Toy Cleaner

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It’s all fun and games with your favorite sex toys but do make sure to clean as you go after using them. Sure, warm soapy water can do the trick but if you really want to preserve your toys’ lives, then better have the ever so reliable JO® NATURALOVE™ Toy Cleaner within arm’s reach.

The JO® NATURALOVE™ Toy Cleaner proudly bears the USDA organic seal, meaning that its formulation is guaranteed to comprise of over 95% pure organic ingredients. This gentle, soap-free cleaner provides you with a natural and more effective toy care option.

To use, simply spray on the toy and let it sit for about 5-10 seconds. Rinse with water afterwards and voila! You can either store it or use it again for another round thanks to its organic lemon fruit extract ingredient, which works quickly in keeping your toys ready for play.

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