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Fun Factory Smart Balls Duo Kegel Balls

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Pop in the Smart Balls, strengthen those muscles and enjoy the intensity of orgasm you've always dreamed of. It sounds too good to be true; but isn't!
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Kegel balls are now one of the bestselling sex tools in the world. It's easy to see why when you discover what they can do for you!

The Smart Balls duo is the next step for those ladies who have strengthened their pelvic muscles to the max with the Smart ball Uno. You may think you have already gone as far as you can but there is way more to come. You will already be experiencing a new level of pleasure and intensity, but this duo knocks that way out of the ball park!

You muscles will naturally start contracting around the Smart Balls, giving you the pelvic equivalent of  6 pack. Sure, you won't see them but OMG will you feel them! If you are already getting compliments from your lover for the extra pleasure your Kegel work out is bringing to the bedroom get ready for so many more.

Developed using some of the most innovative technology available, The Smart Balls duo are also extremely quiet. They run incredibly smoothly and the fast rotation of those inner balls is really quite something. The ergonomically shaped hollow is perfect for your finger to fit in to insert it. You can go about your day and at the same time be getting a helluva workout.


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