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Aneros SGX/MGX Prostate Massager

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If you thought you were already on good terms with your P Spot, once you try either the Aneros SGX or MGX prostrate massager you will soon realize you were merely acquaintances!
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Aneros are renowned for their range of top quality products aimed at introducing men to the extreme pleasure that can be gained from dual stimulation. It's only right that men should now experience the ecstasy that women have taken for granted for years! Right guys?

However much anal fun you think you have experienced so far you ain't felt nothing yet! Those mass of nerve ending around the anal area are barely given acknowledgment by many toys, and there's every chance you don't even realize what your body is capable of. Boy are you in for surprise once this massager is in place and working its magic!

Our advice is to take it slowly. All the nerves are being woken up and will be bouncing all over the place with can feel a bit freaky if you dive straight in. Take your time, let your body get used to each new sensation before moving onto the next. Before long you will be experiencing for yourself the kind of toe curling waves of ecstasy that everyone talks about but few actually get.

You may even achieve the ultimate Super O straight away but even if it takes your body a while to get used the massager, it sure is worth waiting for!

SGX measures approximately 1/2 inch shorter (3.5 inches) than the MGX.


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