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Aneros Helix Prostate Massager

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The bestselling prostrate massager which has, literally, single handedly revolutionized how much pleasure can be gained from the P spot!
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The area around the anus has a massive concentration of nerves, as well as the P spot AKA male G spot.  The stimulation of both the P spot and the surrounding area result in what many men have described as the best orgasm of their life!

The Helix has been thoughtfully designed to offer super easy hands free prostrate massaging that delivers the most awesome sensations, The bulbous head has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it hits the prostrate every time causing contractions of both the anal and pelvic muscles. There are two attachments at the base of the Helix; one to stimulate your perineum whilst you are using the Helix internally and the other is the handle you use for comfortable insertion.

They key to mind blowing orgasms is said to be listening to your body, and the Helix just helps things a long a bit. Take it slowly and gently, allowing your body to adjust to these new and exciting sensations.  The hands free design gives you the luxury of this massager in practically any position. Get into one that maximizes your comfort, relax and slowly contract your sphincter muscles round the Helix' head. This draws in inside of you naturally with no discomfort or tensing.

If you're P spot is feeling neglected introduce it to the Helix, it will be a very wise decision.


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