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Naughty North NFTs

Naughty North is happy to announce our partnership with Hanky Panky Club - the world's first sex-positive NFT community.

Your Hanky Panky NFT gives you access to an exclusive membership club giving you:

  • Discounts & Flash sales at Naughty North (and other partner sites)
  • The first 250 purchasers will receive a $100 GIFT CARD to Naughty North
  • FREE product samples 
  • Exclusive online and in-person events
  • Much more to follow...

Plus, a portion of proceeds of each NFT sale go to charity. 

The first Hanky Panky NFTs will be released in summer 2022. 

What Is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is an asset that you, and only you, own in digital format.  Ownership of a Hanky Panky NFT makes you the exclusive owner of that specific NFT and allows you access to the benefits which come with the NFT.  

Like other assets, NFTs can also change in value. Unlike traditional memberships, owners of NFTs can sell their NFTs should they choose to. 



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