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Magic Wand Rechargeable

One of the world’s greatest sex toys just got even better! The Magic Wand is now rechargeable, add this beauty to your collection and let it cast a spell over your bedtime fun.
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The Magic Wand has been satisfying women across the globe and there was really only once way they could improve it; by bringing out a cordless model. Fully rechargeable, you now have the freedom to enjoy your favorite vibe at any time and almost anywhere.  If you can't control your urges until it's charged then you can use the cord; plug and play pleasure!

This new model offers the same strong and deep penetrating vibrations that we have all come to expect from the original Magic Wand and comes complete with silicone head, 4 levels of intensity and 4 patterns of vibration to choose from.  It is insanely large at over a foot long but before your eyes start watering at the prospect remember that this toy is not intended for penetration. It's a massager aimed at relieving tension in your muscles, back etc and relieving your sexual urges when it gets to work on your clit and vulva.

Thousands of couples have introduced the Magic Wand into their foreplay as what could be better than a sensuous massage to kick things off. The buttons make it very easy to power it up or down and experiment with the different vibrations to get the best possible results, whatever part of your body you are using it on. Due to the design and style this toy isn't water or splash proof so no bath time frolics. The only maintenance it needs is a gently rub of the head with either a damp cloth or a toy cleaner, and your wand is good to go.


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Customer Reviews

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Best ever she loves it

Sweet vibes

Works great powerful. Feels good on sore muscles as well.... wife loves it too... her first time trying it said it was pretty tender n had to rest from it next day.... but she loves it

The very best!

For the record, I own one bullet vibe and a Lelo clit vibe. I've long held off on getting a Magic Wand mainly because of the cord and well, the price. But thank goodness that the manufacturing gods finally decided to make that cord removable for a more convenient use. So I finally got my hands on this--very quick and easy processing from Naughty North, btw--and I'm 110% satisfied and happy about it.

The hype is real when it comes to the power it gives and let's be honest, that old school big ass handle is so convenient to hold onto compared to a small vibe. Of course, I've also used this for more therapeutic purposes in other parts of my body and that adds up to making it well worth my money. I'm so glad I waited for a rechargeable one. Having this makes me look forward to some quality alone time at home!

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