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Hailing from the land of the rising sun and quirky inventions, Tenga is a gift from Japan to the rest of the world that promises to enhance our self-pleasure quality time. It’s your favorite past time made so much better with the help of toys and aids that have a rather unexpected twist to it.

Established back in 2005, Tenga initially came out with a line of products that were aimed towards enhancing the male masturbation experience. It was met with some skepticism at first but they managed to win over the hearts (and hard-ons) of men right away. It wasn’t until 2012 that Tenga finally released a line of masturbators destined for women.

Today, Tenga is synonymous to quirky masturbators that users all around the world have a special fondness for. What makes them unique and different from the rest of the sex toy brands out there is also what makes them stand out and so well loved.


Hold up, boys! Before you go on a Tenga binge, let us show you our favorite Tenga products that you can find right here at NaughtyNorth. Masturbation has really never been so exciting with the help of these classic favorites!

Tenga Tips & Tricks

Before you press play, better arm yourself with these simple Tenga tips and tricks for a smoother and more optimal experience first.

Need More Help?

Tenga what? No need to scratch your heads or question this and that. Simply send us a message should you have any concerns or inquiries regarding our line of Tenga products. Our NaughtyNorth team would gladly address your issue and help you out whichever way we can, so you can finally get your hands on your very own Tenga toy!