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Fun Factory Silicone  Smart Balls Uno Kegel Balls

Fun Factory Silicone Smart Balls Uno Kegel Balls

It's never too early to get into training for some intense passion, and this amazing Smart Ball will do exactly that! This ball will have you tight in no time!
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SMARTBALL UNO is the easy-to-use kegel training device for a strengthened pelvic floor that’s especially beneficial for beginners, as well as for women with uterine conditions. Inserted like a tampon, the SMARTBALL UNO can hardly be felt when worn.

Through the constant yet quiet rotation of the inner balls, with everyday movements, muscle contractions are induced, which strengthen the pelvic floor. Short, regular training sessions lead to the best results and improvements. After successful workouts with the SMARTBALL UNO, we recommend advance training by switching to the SMARTBALLS DUO.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer J. Jennifer
Kegel for Beginners

Was still pretty clueless about the whole kegel weights thing but I have heard of its benefits, so I decidedly got this to test it out. You just have to breathe through it at the beginning but it's fairly easy to use from there. I do think it helps in the whole tightening aspect, especially with regular and continuous use.

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