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LELO Hula Beads

Forget 50 Shades! These Lelo Luna beads were bringing pleasure to millions of women long before Christian Gray ever existed in the imagination of E.L James!
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Just by looking at the silhouette and shape of these amazing Hula beads you will get an idea of how much fun you are going to have with them.

While the body is vibrating that sensuously curved head is gently swirling. You can either tuck them into place for extreme stimulation of the labia and clit or fully insert them to get the full, intense sensation as it nestles against your G spot.

The feeling you get is unreal! Deep, natural and oh so powerful. This is the perfect product if you seeking to get in touch with your body's natural rhythm and explore some new and intense kinds of pleasure.

The fact these are remote controlled means you can pop them in place then discreetly adjust those sensations without anyone knowing. The Sense motion remote can also adjust the intensity with a quick flick of the wrist. This is ideal for couples who don't want to break their rhythm by messing about pressing buttons.

Hula Beads offer a completely new level of pleasure and stimulation as they target every one of your erogenous zones is a completely different way. Virtually silent, you can enjoy some special time with your Hula Beads wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Essential bathing time can be kinda boring, but not anymore! Hula beads are completely waterproof and can accompany you in both the shower and the tub. Only you will know why you are now taking twice as long to take a shower!



Customer Reviews

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My wife loves it!

Surprised my wife with this on her birthday. I only know that Lelo makes some of the best vibrators out there and I was really impressed looking at the features of this remote-controlled one. So glad that she really loved this and how efficient and high-tech it is. We're really enjoying the use of the remote control and it's also very easy to store and clean afterwards. Wish it would've been more affordable but I have to admit that it's proving to be well worth it anyway.

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