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Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls

The first progressive set of Kegel Balls in the world deliver the deepest and richest orgasms you've ever experienced. Go on, try them for yourself, you know you want to!
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The Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls give you 3 progressive weights allowing you to enhance your pelvic fitness at your own pace. From the soft single ball through to the hard and heavy doubler, this is a journey of discovery that you won't want to come to an end.

As Ami gradually strengthens your pelvic muscles you will start experiencing deeper and more intense orgasms that you ever thought possible. If you think your orgasms are explosive now wait until you have tried these Kegel balls!

Each of the Ami balls contains several smaller balls that move around inside, creating a discreet and arousing sensation as you go about your daily business. Nobody will ever know why you look so darn happy to be grocery shopping!

Unlike other work outs, you be actually looking forward to this one. Teasing and thoroughly enjoyable, wait for the compliments pour in from your lover when they get to feel the difference your Kegel ball exercises have made to your sex sessions.

It isn't all about the sex either. Strong pelvic muscles make for easier childbirth and greatly reduce the risk of urinary incontinence.

Who knew these balls could benefit your life in so many ways?


Customer Reviews

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Seems ok, barely tried, just bought and got a few days ago....

Best value for your money!

Regardless if you're a beginner or already experienced, this set of kegel balls is so worth the money! 3 progressive kegel weights that you can experiment with. I started out with the smallest one, naturally, and have since dabbled into the other two. Depending on how I feel "down below," I use any of these 3 as I go about my day. And heads up, ladies, this also works fabulously as a foreplay toy. Definitely recommend it! :)

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