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Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager

The original, and many say the best, prostrate massager on the market! The Aneros Progasm has now sold over 1m units, that a helluva lot of satisfied P spots!
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One of the best tools you will find that harness every nerve ending in your anal area to deliver the kind of mind blowing orgasm that is referred to as the 'Super O'. Hands free and guaranteeing unbelievable sensations every, the design of the Progasm resembles a butt plug but does a whole lot more.

Thorough research has gone into the design of the angled, bulbous head to make sure its hits the prostrate quickly and comfortably. The key to gaining the most pleasure from the Progasm is to lie back, relax and let your body do the work. Never try to put a toy into your anus, let those muscles draw it in themselves.

Once in place, the 2 extension handles provide as much pleasure as the part that's inside you. These naturally nestle against that super sensitive delivering amazing dual stimulation.

The handy user guide that comes with the Aneros is great for showing you how to get the very best out of this massager. It recommends the optimum positions for both comfort and stimulation and gives further instruction letting your body accept the Aneros rather force it.

Once you are used to those sensational sensations this massager can make up a welcome threesome in the bedroom. Many customers have reported that experienced more intense sex that lasted way longer that usual before exploding with a Super O.  It doesn't get much better than that!


Customer Reviews

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On to something big.

So.. at first i read alot about prostate massages and how to get there... so i went and bought like 4 or 5 vibes and dildos that let me understood there could be something much more "powerful" that could happen down there.. i also read alot about all aneros products and finaly bought that Progasm. On the first session the very first kegel hits the spot and you know you're on to something big. It can be tricky at first because you have to let yourself go with the feelings and that toy will bring you there quickly. It is the biggest aneros product but to be fairrrr it's not that big .. just perfect.. the feeling of it taking place is truly amazing. Every men should try this. 10/10


First, a quick review of it.
It has an average size of 2 to 3 fingers. As I identify myself as someone who enjoy size and girth, I wasn't disappointed.
The insertion shouldn't be rushed and take your time and play. It will make your life better.
And lube.
And your body will actually help you get to the point. Avoid the urge to dick play. It's your ass who will make you moan.
And this boy will make you moan.

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