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Official Canadian Stockist for OhMiBod

OhMiBod was created in the name of innovation, where pleasure meets technology. The founders, who are actually a couple themselves, thought of putting together the functionality that technology brings forth with the pleasure that sex toys provide people with. OhMiBod was then born out of wanting a more seamless sexual experience for singles and couples alike.

For founders Suki and Brian Dunham and designer Mathieu Pung, OhMiBod’s line of sex toys and other related products are aimed towards creating approachable and intimate toys that are meant to enhance the sexual experience of women (and men!). It’s about providing non-intimidating toys that truly deliver on the promise of achieving mind-blowing sensations more convenient and accessible.

Want more out of your sexy quality time? OhMiBod’s lineup of toys and other accessories give you the freedom to explore and play, while satisfying your personal desires all at once.

Where Pleasure & Technology Meet

OhMiBod is well known for creating and developing the original iPod vibrator. And since its launch back in 2006, they have then evolved into an award-winning brand of sex toys that highlights the benefits and functions of technology-focused pleasure products. These products have groundbreaking features such as wireless remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and triple stimulation.

In line with their iPod vibrator, OhMiBod was able to further develop a unique personal massager interface that give users the power of pleasure right at their fingertips. Men and women alike are able to create vibrations whenever and wherever with the use of their Apple or Android devices. Talk about accessibility of orgasms through your favorite mobile device!

Putting together all of the standards and expertise that OhMiBod stands for, they came up with these collections that speak of what their company is all about.

blueMotion -- “Smart never looked so sexy.” And indeed, the line of products under the blueMotion collection explores the use of smartphones to take control of toys that deliver the ultimate pleasure and sensations. Featuring the NEX|1 and NEX|2, all you’ll ever need is a reliable and stable Internet connection and you’re good to go. You can go as far as your imagination takes you with these body-safe sex toys that you can turn on and go all out with as you press play on your device.

LoveLife -- The LoveLife collection features the most playful and dynamic range of products that OhMiBod has to offer. Made from body-safe silicone, these toys feature sensational and eccentric designs that cater to every need and want there is for singles and couples. The winning aspect of it all is that these award-winning toys are very affordable as well, making it certified must-haves for your secret stash.

Club Vibe -- Wireless and wearable, Club Vibe’s products feature mini vibrators that can be placed comfortably on your panties and are controlled using a wireless rechargeable remote control. These panty vibes even come with their own thong on which it can be positioned on as you go about your day. And the best part? It can be activated through voice recognition as well. With Club Vibe, you’re literally putting your pleasure at the hands of your lover and who knows how wildly exciting and pleasurable that could turn out!

Going Mainstream

The whole pleasure industry still has a certain stigma attached to it and OhMiBod aims to erase that and bring a “mainstream” consumer goods approach to sex toys and other related accessories. There really shouldn’t be any shame in purchasing these pleasure toys and accessories, since they provide enhancement to feelings and sensations that come naturally to everyone.

OhMiBod aims to continuously design and develop body-safe products that combine technology with human sensuality, which would further create that shift in attitude towards taking care of one’s own pleasure and the undeniably important role that these toys play in our sexual health and well being.  


Get a load of OhMiBod’s top-selling products here at Naughty North! Here are our top 3 OhMiBod toys that you can start out with and invest on right now.

blueMotion NEX|1 Wifi/Bluetooth Vibrator -- It all begins with downloading an app on your Apple or Android device in order to get this blueMotion NEX|1 Wifi/Bluetooth Vibrator going. This wireless and wearable massager is designed to be placed on the sexy undie that it comes with. Take control of your partner’s pleasure (or vice versa) with up to 8-meter reach through Bluetooth. You can also use this for yourself for those discreet moments wherein you just gotta have that big “o” and no one needs to know.

LoveLife Smile Clitoral Vibrator - Your clit deserves extra special attention for you to get that mind-blowing orgasm you’ve been itching for. Get it from the LoveLife Smile Clitoral Vibrator, which promises to really make you smile--and we’re not just talking about the lips on your face.

LoveLife Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator - Reach for that sweet G-spot with the LoveLife Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator, which is also as versatile as it comes and can be used for stimulating your clit and other erogenous zones. It features a sleek design with a bulbous head that stems from a slender shaft, specially created to better tickle your fancy and push you to a glorious climax.

OhMiBod Tips & Tricks

Before you purchase, keep yourself informed of these tips, tricks, and other general info about OhMiBod!

About the App - You can download the OhMiBod app from the App Store or from Google Play for free. Both smartphones and tablets can be used in controlling your OhMiBod remote-controlled toys.

Proper Care - Due to the nature of the OhMiBod products’ designs and electronic components, these toys aren’t completely waterproof. Make sure to check the specifications for each toy to assess how you can properly clean and maintain your OhMiBod toy.

Need More Help?

Our NaughtyNorth team is always up and ready to give you a helping hand! If you still find yourself a bit confused and in doubt, feel free to reach out to us so we can address your concern right away. Just let us know what you need or want to know about OhMiBod and we’ll get right back to you!